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Research Studio is a powerful AI-driven platform that revolutionizes the way UX researchers and product designers analyze qualitative data. With its cutting-edge AI capabilities, Research Studio streamlines the entire research analysis workflow. Simply connect your data from multiple sources and drag widgets on the canvas to unravel powerful insights and have your analysis done 10x times faster.

## Key Features:
* Upload your files directly, connect with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Notion or scrape website URLs. We support 15+ formats including video and audio
* Choose between top tier models like GPT 4o, Claude 3 or Mistral's large model
* Instant summarisation, sentiment analysis and insights extraction with automated topic tagging.
* Powerful data extraction with draggable smart widgets, such as persona, jobs to be done, statements, competitors, user journey map, user stories and many more
* AI Assistant trained to your data. You can stick to being locked in context or enable “Broad knowledge” to allow the assistant to use its own data on top of yours to answer any questions
* Work straight on the report canvas and if you want to include assistant answers to it you can do so in just a click
* Explore your file’s text content with our super easy to use viewer. Find, highlight and add directly to statements or insights
* Present your canvas in a presentation friendly format that you can customize to your brand and share with your audience
* Export your canvas to Notion effortlessly with our built in integration

Whether you're a freelance UX researcher, part of an agency team, or working in-house, Research Studio empowers you to unlock the full potential of your research data, driving innovation and delivering exceptional user experiences.

Try Research Studio today for free with our 3 days trial (no credit card required).

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Research Studio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 15th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Multi-document summarization
Competitor analysis feature
Sentiment analysis function
Insights and takeaways provision
Average persona creation
Data diagram generation
Cloud synchronization
Freemium pricing model
Larger file limit (25MB)
Supports unlimited questions
UX, Marketing, and Product-specific
No need for manual reading
No need for manual data extraction
Document Drop and Analyze
Shareable competitor analysis
Deep introspection of user feedback
Supports multiple file formats
Rapid research analysis
Chat about research metrics
Auto-save feature


Free plan limitations
No offline version available
No mobile application
Limited document types supported
No integration with other platforms
Limited functionalities in competitor analysis
Language support not mentioned
Pricing structure not clear
No data security mention
No Multi-language support


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