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Research Studio is an AI-powered research analysis tool designed to assist UX, Marketing, and Product professionals in transforming their data into actionable insights.

By leveraging AI technology, Research Studio enables users to efficiently analyze research findings without the need for manual reading or data extraction.The tool offers various features to enhance research analysis.

Users can easily drop their research files into the platform, allowing the AI model to take care of the rest. Research Studio provides summarizations of multiple documents simultaneously, saving users valuable time and effort.Furthermore, Research Studio offers an AI chat function, enabling users to have natural conversations with their research.

This feature allows users to ask questions about metrics, pain points, and people roles, enhancing their understanding of the research data.Additionally, Research Studio offers a competitor analysis feature, generating a list of direct competitors right within the application.

This feature is automatically saved and shareable, providing users with valuable insights into their competitive landscape.The sentiment analysis feature allows users to better comprehend user feedback by checking the overall sentiment.

Users can drill down into details and review individual statements and impressions, facilitating a deeper understanding of user perspectives.Research Studio also offers additional functionalities such as insights and takeaways, average persona creation, and data diagram generation.

The tool supports cloud synchronization for easy access to research files across devices.Research Studio operates on a freemium pricing model, with a free plan offering limited researches and file sizes, while the premium plan provides unlimited researches, larger file limits, and unlimited questions.


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Pros and Cons


Multi-document summarization
Competitor analysis feature
Sentiment analysis function
Insights and takeaways provision
Average persona creation
Data diagram generation
Cloud synchronization
Freemium pricing model
Larger file limit (25MB)
Supports unlimited questions
UX, Marketing, and Product-specific
No need for manual reading
No need for manual data extraction
Document Drop and Analyze
Shareable competitor analysis
Deep introspection of user feedback
Supports multiple file formats
Rapid research analysis
Chat about research metrics
Auto-save feature


Free plan limitations
No offline version available
No mobile application
Limited document types supported
No integration with other platforms
Limited functionalities in competitor analysis
Language support not mentioned
Pricing structure not clear
No data security mention
No Multi-language support


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