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Customizable virtual staging for products and projects.
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ReStage AI is an AI-powered virtual staging tool that creates stunning photorealistic renders of your products or projects instantly. It allows you to upload a picture of your project and discover from over 20 unique design styles, which can transform your original image into a new, visually appealing one.

There are examples of different rooms such as living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and various spaces like hotel lobby, clothing store, office, etc., which provide a preview of how your images can be transformed.The tool uses advanced AI algorithms to generate renders that reflect the selected style and are consistent with the lighting, shadows, and depth cues in the original image.

The AI algorithm is designed to learn from the patterns of popular designs and to adapt them to your specific images and preferences, ensuring that it provides the best possible renderings based on your selections.ReStage AI also allows you to confirm your email and view pricing for advanced features.

The tool is offered by Stylefie Inc. and is available in English. With its advanced design capabilities and ease of use, ReStage AI is an excellent tool for businesses and individuals looking to create stunning product images and project renders.


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ReStage was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Photorealistic renders
Visual transformation of images
Over 20 unique styles
Incorporates lighting and depth cues
Algorithm learns design patterns
Designs adaptable to specific images
Advanced design capabilities
Ease of use
Suitable for numerous spaces
Different room example pre-sets
Projects include objects and portraits
Email confirmation for advanced features
Multiple design style categories
Available in English
Style browsing options
Offers pricing transparency
Learn and adapt ability
Picture uploading functionality
Works for individual and companies
Matches design with room type
Consistent rendering quality
Sample work viewable
Variety of architectural styles
User-friendly interface
Personal preference consideration
Product staging feature
Offers exterior rendering
Option for multiple objects staging
Suitable for outdoor space rendering
Styles inspired by different cultures
Considers original image context
Flexible design selection options


Limited to 20 design styles
No mobile app available
Requires email confirmation
Pricing information hidden
No language options other than English
Limited image formats supported
No bulk editing feature
Limited to specific spaces types
No downloadable design assets


What is ReStage AI?
How does ReStage AI work?
Is ReStage AI suitable for both businesses and individuals?
What type of images can I use with ReStage AI?
How does ReStage AI handle lighting and shadows in an image?
What kind of design styles does ReStage AI offer?
Can I use my own design styles with ReStage AI?
How does ReStage AI handle different spaces like hotel lobby, office, etc.?
How does the AI algorithm of ReStage AI learn from popular designs?
Can I adapt the design patterns offered by ReStage AI to my specific images and preferences?
How can I confirm my email to use ReStage AI?
What advanced features does ReStage AI offer?
What pricing plans are available for ReStage AI?
Who is the provider of ReStage AI?
What languages does ReStage AI support?
How can ReStage AI help improve my product images?
How quickly can ReStage AI generate a render?
Is there a community of ReStage AI users I can join?
Does ReStage AI support different layouts like living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc.?
Can ReStage AI be used for outdoor design previews as well?


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