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Optimized resume writing assistance.
Generated by ChatGPT is an online tool that allows users to create professional resumes in just a few minutes. The platform includes various designer-made templates and easy-to-use features to help users tailor their resumes to their specific career goals.

Unlike other resume builders, includes an AI engine that automatically completes and fills in data for users, streamlining the resume-building process. protects user data with encryption technology and an SSL certificate, ensuring that personal information remains secure. The tool also includes writing tips and advice on how to create a standout resume that will grab the attention of potential employers.

Users can tailor their resumes to match the job description, include a short self-introduction, and use quantitative information to demonstrate their accomplishments. offers a variety of HR-approved templates that are easy to modify to fit any resume format desired by the user. The tool also allows users to change the color scheme of the templates they choose to further tailor their resume style.'s templates have helped job seekers land roles at top companies, including over 35,810 successful resumes created using the platform. Overall, is a user-friendly tool for anyone looking to create a professional resume quickly and easily.

With a range of templates, writing tips, AI assistance, and data security measures, the platform streamlines the resume-building process to help job seekers stand out to potential employers.


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Pros and Cons


Resume auto-completion
User data encryption
SSL certificate
Resume writing tips
Customizable templates
Job description matching
Self-introduction feature
Quantitative information usage
Multiple HR-approved templates
Color scheme customization
Proven success rate
User-friendly interface
Designer-made templates
Resume screening in seconds
Affordable and quick
Successful resumes examples
Cover Letter Builder
Expert knowledge from HR
Time-saving tool
Job recommendations
Supports multiple languages
Strong data protection
Attention-grabbing designs
High quality results
Professional appearance


No free version available
Limited templates variety
No real-time editing preview
No downloadable output formats
Limited to Online use
No resume critiques
Dependent on Internet connection
No mobile app available
No CV option
No multilingual support


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Can users modify the color schemes of templates in
How successful has been in helping job seekers land roles?
Who can benefit from using
How does protect personal user data?
Does allow users to add a self-introduction to their resumes?
Is suitable for someone with no resume writing experience?
Can I create a cover letter with
Is's platform easy to navigate and user-friendly?
Are the resumes created with approved by recruiters?
How fast can I create a resume with
Does assist with filling in data on the resume?
What are some big companies people have landed jobs at using
Can I upload an existing CV to

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