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Resume Rewriter AI is an Artificial Intelligence based tool developed to streamline and improve the job seeking process. It automates tasks such as CV writing, creating job responses, and drafting cover letters, thereby targeting to increase the visibility of an individual's skills to HR departments.

The tool scans and modifies the user's resume for each specific job application, optimizing it to pass through corporate recruitment filters and improve the chances of being shortlisted.

In addition to automating job search and application responses, it also generates tailored cover letters, freeing users from spending time drafting these letters manually.

The main objective of the tool is to help users stand out in their job applications without turning their efforts into spam, hence its motto 'Make Your Skills Visible'.

Resume Rewriter AI plans for product updates and improvement based on user feedback and needs, and currently offers a free version for users to test its features and performance.


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Resume Rewriter AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 4th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates CV writing
Creates job responses
Drafts tailored cover letters
Optimizes resumes for job applications
Shortlisting enhancement
Increases skill visibility
Bypasses HR filters
Offers free trial version
Product updates based on feedback
Job search automation
Career advancement support
Job application assistance
530+ Reddit upvotes
600+ ChatGPT Chats
Automatic job position responses
CV rewriting for each job
Saves time on cover letters
No spam generation
ChatGPT model testing
One-time payment, no subscription
Access to closed beta testing
Daily job list updates
Daily resume and prompt improvements
Endless automated job responses
Endless personalized cover letters
Private group communication with creator
Feature development per user request
Participation in decision-making process
All functionalities free on release
Access to improved GPT model


Requires ChatGPT Plus subscription
Updates based on feedback
Lack of immediate customization
Free version limited
Single payment upfront
No clear contact support


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What is the motto of Resume Rewriter AI and why?
Are there plans for future updates or improvements of Resume Rewriter AI?
Is there a free version of Resume Rewriter AI?
Some benefits of having Resume Rewriter AI?
How does Resume Rewriter AI ensure my job applications do not turn into spam?
How does Resume Rewriter AI increase my skill visibility to HR departments?
How can Resume Rewriter AI help me bypass HR filters?
How can Resume Rewriter AI assist in my career advancement?
Can Resume Rewriter AI improve the quality of my resume?
Does Resume Rewriter AI provide job search automation?
What makes 'Resume Rewriter AI' different from other career development tools?
How does 'Resume Rewriter AI' automate the response to job applications?
How does 'Resume Rewriter AI' assist with HR technology?
Do I need any special software to use 'Resume Rewriter AI'?
Can I provide feedback and suggestions to improve 'Resume Rewriter AI'?

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