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Resume Trick is your comprehensive solution for crafting impeccable resumes, CVs, and cover letters. Powered by AI technology, it offers a free and user-friendly online platform to help you create polished job application documents effortlessly. With a range of professional templates at your disposal, you can tailor your resume to highlight your unique qualifications and skills.

The online CV builder enables you to conveniently create and manage your resumes and cover letters, accessible on any device. You can swiftly download your resume in PDF format and share it with potential employers, streamlining your job application process. The AI assistance feature provides prompts and automated writing suggestions to expedite your resume completion, all within your web browser.

Resume Trick boasts an array of specialized resume templates, ensuring that there's a perfect match for every job type. The platform also offers guidance on writing a captivating cover letter that showcases your achievements effectively. Additionally, Resume Trick includes pre-designed CV templates that aid in presenting your qualifications and expertise, making it an ideal resource for pursuing academic positions.

Explore the FAQ section to clarify concepts like resume building, CVs, and cover letters, and benefit from the comprehensive Help Center. Build your outstanding resume effortlessly with Resume Trick's intuitive tools and professional templates, setting yourself up for success in your job search journey.

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Pros and Cons


Free online platform
Multiple professional templates
User-friendly interface
Editable on any device
Resume download in PDF
Automated writing suggestions
Impeccable resume & CV crafting
Cover letter generation
Prompts for faster completion
Specialized templates for different jobs
Comprehensive FAQs and Help Center
Online CV builder
Resume sharing with potential employers
Resume and CV examples
Access to career blogs
Pre-designed CV templates
Ideal for academic positions
Email and password security
Aids in showcasing achievements
Google login alternative
Customizable templates
Career Blog access
Cover Letter Builder


No advanced customization
Limitations in PDF output
Dependent on internet connection
No offline mode
Limited template variety
Potentially over-generic resumes
Email verification required
No immediate access post-registration
Only provides automation suggestions
No instant download feature
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