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Use AI to make your Resume stand out.
Generated by ChatGPT is an advanced resume improvement platform powered by GPT-4 machine learning technology. The tool's primary function is to assist users in enhancing and reviewing their resumes.

To ensure a document free of grammar and formatting errors, it actively checks for common mistakes and suggests improvements. It also offers customized recommendations to adjust the structure of the resume.

Furthermore, it uses AI to generate fresh content for resumes, creating new sections, and writing summaries based on the user's existing CV. In addition, it offers a personalized AI cover letter writer service, optimizing for industry-specific keywords and creating a professional tone and structure.

The AI cover letter writer can also draft engaging email text to accompany the cover letter. The system supports various file formats, including PDF, MS Word, Apple Pages, and RTF Documents, with a maximum size of 20MB.

The terms of the platform specify that by uploading, users agree to the company's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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Pros and Cons


GPT-4 machine learning
Identifies typos, grammar mistakes
Identifies formatting errors
Suggests improvements
Customized resume structure adjustment
Content generation for resumes
Creates new resume sections
Industry-specific keyword optimization
Professional tone and structure creation
Email drafting capability
Supports various file formats
Reviews full resumes
Provides 20+ general recommendations
Personal skills adjustments
PDF export capability
Max 20MB file size
Terms of Use transparency
Generates summaries based on CV
Produces impressive visual design
Additional services like
Services like
Flexible with multiple document formats
Customers landing major company jobs
Resume structure improvements
Intensive grammar checks
Personalized cover letters
Time-saving efficiency
Keyword optimization
Professionally designed PDF export
Crafts cohesive job application packages
Package options for affordability
Boosts odds of interviews
Helps users stand out
Renders professional and polished look
Generates industry-specific optimization
Ease of use
Positive customer reviews
Wide range of services
Useful for various job roles


Limited to 20MB uploads
No support for other languages
Potential privacy concerns
Dependent on GPT-4
No mobile app
Doesn't support all file formats
Condensed feedback options
Tiers of service might confuse
No sample checks available
Strict terms of use


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Can generate new sections for my resume?
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What adjustments can suggest for my resume?
How does optimize resumes for specific job roles and industries?
How does the GPT-4 technology used by work?
What file formats are supported by
What is the maximum file size I can upload on
What are the services offered by apart from resume improvement?
How does the AI cover letter writer of work?
How can help me draft engaging emails?
Can personalize content to match specific job positions?
What privacy measures are in place on
How does ensure that my resume is free from grammar and formatting errors?
What level of adjustments can be made to my personal skills on
What additional tools does offer with its resume review service?
How does help me make my resume stand out?

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