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ResumeNerd is an online tool primarily created for helping users build professional resumes. The platform provides an array of pre-written examples and templates, accommodating varying needs of jobseekers.

Specific job title tailored bullet points are also available which can be selected and added to the resume, saving time and ensuring resumes are job-specific.

Further enhancing the offering, ResumeNerd presents various resume formats, such as Combination, Chronological and Hybrid, in addition to offering guidance on each of these formats.

Moreover, the tool features AI-score system to rate your resume according to the recruiters and hiring managers requirements and provide suggestions for improvement.

Beyond resumes, ResumeNerd extends its services to cover letter creation, offering examples, templates, and guides that help users master the art of writing effective cover letters.

Alongside these resources, it provides career resources which include a selection of articles with tips on creating resumes, preparing for interviews, and navigating job etiquette among others.


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ResumeNerd was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Professional resume building
Pre-written examples and templates
Job-specific bullet points
Multiple resume formats
Resume guidance
Resume rating system
Suggestions for improvement
Cover letter creation
Career resources
Job application support
Interview prep resources
Clean resume templates
Step-by-step creation
Customizable resumes
Variety of resume examples
Selection of resume templates
Resume-job match system
Career specific guides
Career change cover letter options
Salary negotiation letter creation
Job seeker-focused workflow
Recruiter-approved designs
ATS-friendly templates
Tools for different career levels
Accessible customer support
ATS robots guidance
Free text version download


Limited resume customization
Lacks offline functionality
No app version
No third-party integrations
Limited design templates
Chargeable premium features
No real-time collaboration
Limited language support
No import from LinkedIn
Incomplete Resume guides


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Is there a cost associated with using ResumeNerd?
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Can ResumeNerd help me to understand job etiquette?
What tips does ResumeNerd offer for creating resumes?
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What companies have trusted ResumeNerd as indicated on their website?
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What kind of pre-written resume examples does ResumeNerd provide?
How is ResumeNerd beneficial to job seekers?

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