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Resume processing automation.
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ResuMetrics is an AI-powered tool designed for automating resume processing. It offers two main functionalities: structured data extraction from resumes and anonymization of personal identifiable information (PII).

This tool provides an easy-to-use API for complete automation of the resume analysis process.With ResuMetrics, users can automate candidate onboarding and redact sensitive information from resumes.

In addition, the platform is constantly expanding its features to include resume scoring and vacancy matching capabilities, further enhancing the automation of resume processing tasks.ResuMetrics offers different pricing plans based on the number of credits required for AI actions.

The free plan allows users to try the tool with 100 free credits upon registration. Subsequent plans include a Start plan priced at €49 per month with 2000 monthly credits, a Growth plan at €99 per month with 6000 monthly credits, and a Pro plan at €199 per month with 20000 monthly credits.

The Enterprise plan offers negotiable credits and access to all features.This tool aims to streamline and expedite resume processing workflows with its AI capabilities, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency for professional resume processors.

For inquiries or further assistance, users can reach out to ResuMetrics via email at [email protected].


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