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Software for managing customer reviews.
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Review Bomb Me is an AI-powered software tool that helps businesses collect and manage customer reviews. It helps convert negative reviews into constructive and positive feedback, so businesses can listen to their customers and make improvements.

The software works by allowing businesses to share a link to their Review Bomb page with their customers and collect reviews. After collecting the reviews, the AI technology summarizes them into constructive and positive messages, which are then added to the user's dashboard.

The dashboard allows businesses to view and monitor their reviews and analyze user engagement. The software provides monthly and yearly billing options, with monthly plans starting at $0 for 50 user review credits and increasing to $99 for unlimited user review credits.

Review Bomb Me offers businesses the ability to collect feedback from their customers and make improvements quickly and easily.


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Review Bomb Me was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Review conversion
Negative to positive feedback
Shared link feature
Review dashboard
Engagement analytics
Monthly/yearly pricing options
Affordable starter packages
Unlimited review plan
Toxic review filtering
Positive summary of reviews
Funnel analysis feature
Integrates with website
Personal review bomb page
Detailed user analytics
Plan tier-specific viewing options
Audience engagement tracking
Rapid feedback response


Limited free plan
Increased costs with usage
No live chat support
No mobile app
Cannot view all original reviews
Independent review page (not embedded)
No advanced analytics in basic plan
Does not remove toxic reviews


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Can Review Bomb Me help my business grow?
What kind of analytics does Review Bomb Me provide?
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What is the role of AI in summarizing reviews in Review Bomb Me?
How can I share a Review Bomb Me page link with my audience?
Does Review Bomb Me offer a product demo?
What features does the Pro plan of Review Bomb Me include?
Can Review Bomb Me analyze where my audience is coming from?

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