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Automated Google review collection for businesses.
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Reviewly is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline the process of collecting and managing Google reviews. By automating the collection and response to customer feedback, Reviewly aims to enhance online visibility and build customer confidence through genuine, positive reviews.One of Reviewly's key features is the ability to generate AI-crafted review options, which can help customers provide quick and hassle-free feedback.

This addresses common challenges faced by customers, with 22% struggling to write reviews and 32% lacking the time to do so.The platform also offers the option to invite customers to review businesses via SMS, boasting a high open rate of 97%.

Through an automated feedback system, Reviewly facilitates seamless engagement with customers, allowing for effective communication and improving the chances of receiving valuable reviews.Furthermore, Reviewly's AI-powered response suggestions enable businesses to respond quickly to customer reviews.

By demonstrating active participation and commitment, businesses can enhance their reputation and impress Google, potentially leading to improved search rankings and online presence.Reviewly caters to businesses of all sizes, making it suitable for both small local businesses and large corporations.

The platform offers personalized business responses, helping companies engage with their customers effectively and gain recognition from Google.Businesses can start using Reviewly with a 7-day free trial, granting access to all features without the need for a credit card.

This allows businesses to experience the full power of Reviewly and start collecting valuable reviews in just a few minutes.


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Reviewly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 10th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Automates review collection
Streamlines customer feedback management
Effortless, quick feedback
SMS-based review invitations
High open rate of 97%
Automated feedback system
Enhanced customer engagement
Saves time during responses
Can improve search rankings
Enhances online presence
Caters to all business sizes
Provides personalized business responses
7-day free trial
No credit card required
Short setup time
Improved online visibility
Builds customer confidence
Enhances business reputation
Supports local and large businesses
Prompts customers for reviews
Simple, frictionless invitation process
Helps gaining Google's recognition
Fast review collection
Offers Twilio number for smooth process
Supports rapid review process


Only supports Google reviews
Relies heavily on SMS
No explicit integration with CRM
Unspecified data privacy measures
No multilingual support mentioned
Non-diversified review collection methods
Doesn't mention API access
Unspecified scope of customization
Limited trial period


What is Reviewly?
How does Reviewly work?
What benefits does Reviewly provide to businesses?
How does Reviewly generate AI-crafted review options?
Can I invite customers to review via SMS using Reviewly?
What is the success rate of Reviewly's SMS review invitations?
Can Reviewly help me respond faster to customer reviews?
How does Reviewly improve a business's visibility on Google?
Is Reviewly suitable for all businesses?
What is unique about Reviewly's personalized business responses?
Is there a free trial for Reviewly?
Do I need a credit card to start a Reviewly trial?
How fast can I start collecting reviews with Reviewly?
Does Reviewly have a demo?
How does the automated feedback system of Reviewly work?
What exactly does Reviewly automate in the review process?
Does Reviewly suggest responses for replying to customer reviews?
Is Reviewly easy to use and set-up?
What features are included in the 7-day free trial of Reviewly?
Who can benefit most from using Reviewly?

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