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Improved game development through game review analysis.
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ReviewRecon is an AI-powered tool designed to help game development studios leverage game reviews to improve their products. It scrapes and analyzes game reviews using machine learning algorithms, providing valuable insights in an easy-to-use dashboard.

By understanding the emotions and sentiments behind every player review, ReviewRecon allows developers to grasp their game's strengths and weaknesses from the player's perspective.The platform also tracks the evolution of player sentiment over time, correlating it with game updates and changes.

This temporal analysis reveals how well specific updates or changes were received by players, enabling data-driven decision making for future development.With its intuitive dashboard, ReviewRecon provides a snapshot of key insights, trends, and statistics, making complex data easier to grasp.

By streamlining the process and providing a comprehensive analysis of all reviews in one place, ReviewRecon saves time and effort compared to manually monitoring reviews.Setting up and using ReviewRecon is designed to be seamless, even for non-technical users, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

With ReviewRecon, game development studios can make quick, informed decisions to refine their game development strategy.Overall, ReviewRecon aims to help game developers optimize for player experience based on feedback, ultimately creating games that leave players thrilled and eager for more.


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ReviewRecon was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Game-specific review analysis
Easy-to-use dashboard
Emotion and sentiment understanding
Tracks player sentiment evolution
Correlates updates and player feedback
Temporal analysis capability
Streamlines review monitoring
Saves time and effort
Suitable for non-technical users
Enables data-driven decisions
Unveils game strengths and weaknesses
Comprehensive review analysis
Optimizes player experience
Facilitates quick decision making
Game update impact assessment
Seamless setup and usage
Highlights complaints and commendations


Scrapes only game reviews
Only linear time analysis
Limited to developer's perspective
No customization of dashboard
No real-time updates
Only English reviews supported
Non-customisable trend tracking
No targeted sentiment analysis
No API for data retrieval
No integration with game platforms


What is the main purpose of ReviewRecon?
How does ReviewRecon help game developers?
What are the key features of ReviewRecon?
How does ReviewRecon use machine learning and NLP?
How does ReviewRecon track and analyze player sentiment over time?
What insights can I get from ReviewRecon's dashboard?
Does ReviewRecon show how game updates affect player sentiment?
Is ReviewRecon easy to set up and use even for non-technical individuals?
How is using ReviewRecon more efficient than manually monitoring reviews?
Can the data from ReviewRecon help in decision making for future development?
Is ReviewRecon designed for any specific genre of games?
What kind of reviews does ReviewRecon scrape and analyze?
Does ReviewRecon provide real-time data analysis?
Are there customizable features on ReviewRecon's dashboard?
How often are the trends and insights on ReviewRecon's platform updated?
Can ReviewRecon be integrated with other game development tools?
Can I share the insights from ReviewRecon with my team?
What are the system requirements for running ReviewRecon?
How secure is the data collected by ReviewRecon?
Can I try a demo version of ReviewRecon before purchasing?

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