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Software solution for managing customer reviews.
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ReviewReply is an AI-powered software solution for businesses of all sizes that simplifies the process of responding to customer reviews. It offers automated posting to Facebook and Google, as well as an insight dashboard to monitor key feedback from customers.

It uses an AI model to generate tailored responses that are specific to each business's brand. The software is available in three tiers, Lite, Pro and Enterprise, with the Enterprise tier offering additional features such as custom AI models and custom review signatures.

With ReviewReply, businesses can save time and effort on manually responding to reviews, while still providing timely, thoughtful responses to their customers.


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ReviewReply was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated posting to social media
Insight dashboard for feedback
Generates tailored responses
Tailors to business's brand
Has Lite, Pro, Enterprise tiers
Offers custom review signatures
Saves time on responding
Monitors customer reviews
Services all types of businesses
Location management dashboard
Notifications for new reviews
Supports multiple business locations
Responses unique to your brand
Posts on behalf of businesses
Adjusts cost based on variables
Plans to include more review sites
Automated responses to reviews


Limited platforms monitored
No API provided
Cost varies by business specifics
Customized responses cost extra
No real-time chat support
No option for human review
Requires additional payment for Enterprise
No Smartphone App


What is ReviewReply?
What are the key features of ReviewReply?
How does the AI model of ReviewReply help in responding to reviews?
What is automated posting to Facebook and Google in ReviewReply?
Can ReviewReply tailor responses specifically for my brand?
What is the insight dashboard in ReviewReply?
What are the additional features offered in the Enterprise tier of ReviewReply?
Can ReviewReply handle reviews from multiple business locations?
Does ReviewReply notify me when I receive new reviews?
What industries does ReviewReply serve?
Does ReviewReply only respond to reviews on Facebook and Google?
What are custom review signatures in ReviewReply Enterprise tier?
How does ReviewReply's AI generate responses?
What's the difference between the Lite, Pro, and Enterprise levels of ReviewReply?
Can ReviewReply help me keep track of feedback from customers?
What benefits does ReviewReply offer to my business?
How does ReviewReply ensure responses align with my brand?
What is the process ReviewReply follows to reply to customer reviews?
Why should I consider switching to ReviewReply for managing customer reviews?
What are the pricing options for ReviewReply?


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