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Create studio-quality AI voices in one-click.
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Revocalize AI is an AI-powered voice generation toolkit that provides high-quality, realistic voice output. The tool allows users to create their own AI voices or select from a licensed voice model library, providing an expansive variety of voices from across the globe with unique vocal characteristics.

It captures the unique attributes of a voice, such as harmonics, and can transform the input voice into another with precision, mirroring the artistic functionality of Photoshop.

With its advanced feature set, Revocalize AI enables users to adjust the pitch, volume, and speed of a voice for customized output, and even offers real-time auto-tuning for pitch-perfection.

An additional feature includes the auto-generation of vocal variations, which enables users to add depth to their productions by mixing multiple variations of any voice, each expressing a distinct emotion.

Revocalize AI also captures the full spectrum of emotional range, giving the voices exceptional expressiveness. It supports language versatility, preserving the original accent, tone, and pronunciation across multiple languages.

The toolkit caters to a variety of use-cases, such as sound engineering, producing, and even personal voice enhancement for artists and enthusiasts. Its customer base includes music producers, record labels, independent artists, and voice enthusiasts.

Revocalize AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 15th 2023.
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Community ratings

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Jul 1, 2024
Signed up for a paid subscription and doesn't let me create a voice model or convert. Reached out to support via chat and email several times and even after a week no response. Waste of time and money.
Feb 21, 2024
I find it hilarious that it tricks you into thinking creating an AI voice is free, but then it stills you “you need to upgrade your plan” i’ve found better service in the deep depths of my plumbers buttcrack
Nov 16, 2023

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    Pros and Cons


    Clone any voice
    Highly realistic vocal tracks
    Multi-language support
    Voice modulation adjustments
    Auto-tune feature
    Millions of hours of training data
    Accurately conveys emotions
    User friendly web interface
    Efficient for content creators
    Generates multiple voice variations
    Variety of licenced voice model
    Adjustable pitch, volume, speed
    Captures unique voice attributes
    Mimics Photoshop's artistic functionality
    Generate multiple emotional vocal variations
    Offers VST plugin
    Extensive range of unique vocal characteristics
    Preserves original accent, tone
    Suitable for different user-cases
    Accepted by music industry professionals
    Used by award-winning creators
    Highly expressive emotional range
    Translates voices with accuracy
    Unique voice fingerprinting
    Streams demo on web interface
    Facilitates real-time auto-tuning
    Generates unique voice models
    Gives studio-quality voice output
    Can choose from voice model library
    Synthesizes voices with high fidelity
    Music producers use for transformation
    Artists use to enhance and protect
    Music enthusiasts can convert voice
    Content creators can clone and modify
    Enables artistic functionality of Photoshop
    Collaborative live demo interface
    Option for early access to beta
    Instantly monetize created voices
    Adjustable voice to suit artistic needs
    Comprehensive voice model library
    Impressive range of customizable options
    Trusted by Independent artists
    Own your voice forever
    Secure platform
    Captures unique harmonics of a voice


    Requires initial setup
    No mobile app
    Limited voice models
    Auto-tune isn't customizable
    Language translation not precise
    Doesn't support all languages
    Interface may be confusing
    Pricing options unclear
    Possible security concerns
    Issues with high note precision


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    What is the quality of the vocal tracks generated by Revocalize AI?
    Can Revocalize AI generate multiple unique variations of any voice?
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    Which organizations are currently using Revocalize AI?
    How does Revocalize AI help in music production?
    How does Revocalize AI assist in sound engineering?
    Can Revocalize AI transform the input voice into another with precision?
    How does Revocalize AI capture unique attributes of a voice?
    What are some potential use-cases for Revocalize AI?
    How can Revocalize AI assist personal voice enhancement?

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