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Innovative voice synth creates realistic vocal tracks.
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Revocalize AI is an innovative voice synthesizer tool that allows users to create unique, realistic vocal tracks for music production, podcasting, virtual assistants, and more.

With this tool, users can clone, protect, and create unique vocal tracks in any voice. The tool leverages millions of hours of audio training data to create a high-fidelity unique voiceprint for each singer, thereby allowing users to sing like any singer using AI.

The tool also comes with an auto-tune feature that helps users reach high notes in real-time. Additionally, users can generate multiple unique variations of any voice, each with its own unique emotion and adjust the pitch, volume, and speed of singing or speech to create sweeter-sounding output through voice modulation.Revocalize AI's proprietary AI voice fingerprinting technology can morph any voice with never-before-heard accuracy.

The tool can keep the original accent, tone, and pronunciation no matter the language, thereby making it work in any language. Furthermore, Revocalize AI conveys the true emotions through the voice, from excitement to sadness and more.

The tool comes with a beautifully designed web interface that allows users to create, edit and use their generated voice models with ease.Revocalize AI is a product of IREAL Meta Labs and comes with its own set of pricing options.

Interested users can request early access to the private beta to try out the tool. Overall, Revocalize AI is a valuable tool for any content creator, musician, or virtual assistant looking to create unique and realistic vocal tracks.


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Feb 21, 2024
I find it hilarious that it tricks you into thinking creating an AI voice is free, but then it stills you “you need to upgrade your plan” i’ve found better service in the deep depths of my plumbers buttcrack
Nov 16, 2023

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Revocalize AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Voice to singer conversion
Creates realistic vocal tracks
Unique voice cloning capability
Audio training data utilization
Produces high-fidelity voiceprints
Featuring real-time auto-tune
Generates emotional voice variations
Enables voice modulation adjustments
Keeps original accent, tone
Compatibility with any language
Web user interface design
Allows multiple voices generation
Offers unique voice protection
True emotions conveyance
Reaches high singing notes
Adjustable pitch, volume, speed
Pricing options availability
Early access to beta
API documentation available
High voice morphing accuracy


Lacks offline application
Unclear pricing options
Only available in Beta
Lacks audio quality settings
No mention of integration capabilities
Limited voice modulation options
May struggle with unique accents
No mobile app
Requires significant audio training data
Limited language support details


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