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Cold calling streamlined, anxiety reduced.
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rhetora is an AI tool designed to alleviate the anxiety often associated with cold calling. It offers two options for setting up an account: an advanced AI setup or a manual setup.

The advanced AI setup is recommended and quickly sets up the user's account using sophisticated AI technology. On the other hand, the manual setup option is available for those who prefer to set up their account in a traditional manner, which is estimated to take approximately 10 minutes.The tool aims to streamline the cold calling process and provide users with a hassle-free experience.

By leveraging AI capabilities, rhetora enhances efficiency and effectiveness in engaging potential customers, ultimately improving the overall success rate of cold calls.The details of the advanced AI setup and manual setup processes are not specified in the text, so it is unclear exactly how the AI technology is utilized or what the traditional setup entails.

However, rhetora promises to eliminate cold calling anxiety, suggesting that it may offer features such as intelligent lead generation, call scripting assistance, or automated follow-up tasks.Whether users are new to cold calling or experienced professionals, rhetora appears to offer a user-friendly solution for tackling this demanding task.

Its emphasis on reducing anxiety implies that it takes the psychological aspect of cold calling into account, which can be a major hurdle for many individuals.

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Pros and Cons


Streamlines cold calling process
Reduces cold calling anxiety
Traditional manual setup option
Quick account setup
Efficient customer engagement
Improves success rate
Intelligent lead generation capability
Call scripting assistance
Automated follow-up tasks
User-friendly interface
Appropriate for all skill levels
Psychological approach to call anxiety


Unclear setup processes
No clear feature list
Setup may be lengthy
No API mentioned
No platform compatibility info
No customization options reported
No user-level adaptability
No multi-lingual support mentioned
Lacks transparency in operations


What is
Is only for salespeople?
How does help to reduce cold calling anxiety?
How does streamline the cold calling process?
What types of account setup are available with
What is the difference between the advanced AI setup and manual setup in
Why is the advanced AI setup recommended with
If I opt for manual setup in, how much time will it take?
How does utilize AI technology to improve the success rate of cold calls?
Does offer intelligent lead generation feature?
Does provide call scripting assistance?
Does provide automated follow-up tasks?
Can a novice in cold calling use
Does cater to the psychological aspect of cold calling?
Do I always need to enable JavaScript to run the app?
What happens once I choose AI setup in
Is there any additional feature or benefit that comes with the Manual setup in
Do I need any specific skills or knowledge to use
Can I switch from manual setup to AI setup (or vice versa) after setting up my account in
Will I gain access to any training or tutorials upon signing up for

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