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Automated customer feedback analysis from surveys.
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RhetorAI is an AI-powered tool for gathering actionable feedback from conversational user surveys. This tool automatically asks follow-up questions based on users' input, enabling deep insights to be garnered effortlessly.

With RhetorAI, you can conduct hundreds of interviews a day, and the transcripts of your interviews are stored permanently for your reference. RhetorAI prioritizes and summarizes the most important insights from your interviews, allowing you to focus on the things that matter.

The tool can help with a range of tasks, including testing price sensitivity, gauging product stickiness, prioritizing features, getting design feedback, understanding the user journey, and discovering unexpected use cases.

RhetorAI can complement other data-gathering and analytics tools by providing deeper insights into the hows and whys behind the data. With RhetorAI, you do not have to worry about crafting the perfect question as the tool is trained to ask expert follow-up questions.

Overall, RhetorAI accelerates product-market fit by automating user interviews and uncovering the deepest motivations and pain points of customers.


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RhetorAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated feedback analysis
Conversational user surveys
Automatically asks follow-up questions
Interviews hundreds a day
Permanent transcript storage
Prioritizes important insights
Aids various tasks (price testing, feature prioritizing, design feedback)
Supplements analytics tools
Trained for expert questioning
Accelerates product-market fit
Operates 24/7
Transcript prioritization and summarization
Facilitates customer-driven decisions
Offers actionable insights
Time-efficient for founders
Enhances user understanding
Retrievable past insights
Helps generate hypotheses


Transcripts stored forever (privacy issues)
Automated follow-up questions (lack of personality)
Only analyzes surveys (limited functionality)
Possibly overwhelming data amount
No mentioned integration with analytics platforms
No information on language capabilities
Lack of transparent pricing
Depends on user responding initially
No easy export of data


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How does RhetorAI aid in testing price sensitivity?
Can I use RhetorAI to get design feedback?
Does RhetorAI help understand the user journey?
How does RhetorAI discover unexpected use cases?
Can RhetorAI complement other analytics tools I already use?
Does RhetorAI require me to prepare the question set for user interviews?
Is there a limit to the number of user transcripts that RhetorAI can store?
Do I need to review all the interview transcripts or does RhetorAI summarize insights for me?
How is RhetorAI different from Google Analytics or Mixpanel?
How does RhetorAI help me generate hypothesis for product testing?
Is RhetorAI a good fit for time-efficient founders?
Can RhetorAI help me understand my product's stickiness?
In what ways can RhetorAI help me create a product that people love?


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