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Generator for Rick and Morty storyboards.
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Rick and Mortify is an AI-generated playground for creating new Rick and Morty storyboards. It allows users to select characters from the show and generate a story for them with a few clicks.

Users can choose from Rick, Morty, Summer, Mr. Poopybutthole and Mr. Meeseeks and then enter a premise. The AI then creates a storyboard based on the premise with dialogue and plot points.

The AI also provides a live feed of the storyboard and users can copy the link to share their stories with others. The tool is created by Julia Turc and Mihail Eric and is free to use.

It is a great tool for fans of the show to create their own stories and share them with others.


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Jul 5, 2023
this one is dead

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Pros and Cons


Specific character selection
Premise customization
Generates dialogue
Generates plot points
Live storyboard feed
Story sharing link
Free to use
Fan engagement tool
Created by recognized developers
Generates complete storylines
In-app story visualization
Replicates show's humor style
Generates episodic narratives
Tailored tool for fandom


Limited character selection
No image customization
Dependent on JavaScript
No offline usage
Single genre focus
Strict premise requirement
No advanced settings
Inability to edit storyboard
Limited storyline variety


What is Rick and Mortify?
How does Rick and Mortify work?
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How can I share the story created by Rick and Mortify?
Who are the creators of Rick and Mortify tool?
Is Rick and Mortify free to use?
Why is Rick and Mortify described as a playground for Rick and Morty storyboards?
Which characters from the show Rick and Morty can be included in Rick and Mortify story?
Are the storylines generated by Rick and Mortify random for each user?
Does Rick and Mortify AI generate dialogues for the characters?
Can multiple characters be included in one Rick and Mortify storyboard?
Does Rick and Mortify AI generate plot points for the story?
Is JavaScript necessary to run the Rick and Mortify tool?
Can I use Rick and Mortify for other stories besides Rick and Morty?
Is the Rick and Mortify AI capable of creating an entire episode of Rick and Morty?
Can Rick and Mortify generate a series of interconnected stories?
What languages are supported by Rick and Mortify?
How can I contribute to the development of Rick and Mortify?


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