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Planning personalized vacations without the hassle.
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Roamr is an AI tool that takes the hassle out of planning vacations. It curates and personalizes experiences tailored to how the user travels, eliminating the need to research across 100s of websites.

With Roamr, users can quickly and easily build their dream vacation in seconds. The tool allows users to input their destination and travel preferences, and then generates an entire trip, personalized to the user.

It also offers an expansive ecosystem of pre-planned trips from friends, travel agencies, and other Roamrs, offering users inspiration and ideas for their next adventure.

For those looking for something specific, Roamr also has a search feature that quickly delivers full itineraries for the user's dream vacation. Roamr is designed to save users time and effort in travel planning and offers an easy-to-use platform that is accessible on desktop and mobile.

Reviews from users attest to the tool's success, with people citing how fast it is and how it gives them a starting point based on how they travel. If you're looking to plan your next vacation with ease, Roamr is the tool for you.

Download the mobile app today and start creating itineraries on the go.


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Roamr was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized trip experiences
Desktop and mobile availability
Quick itinerary generation
Primarily user-driven experience
Expansive ecosystem of trips
Access to pre-planned trips
Flexible search feature
Time-saving vacation planning
User-friendly interface
Inclusion of pictures for decision
Social sharing options
User testimonials for credibility
Offers on-demand travel planner
Combines variety of travel styles
Explore based on user preferences
Ecosystem includes agency-planned trips
Access to popular trip plans
Option to replicate friends’ trips
Exposure to new travel ideas
App available on App Store
Easy itinerary sharing
Includes user feedback in testimonials
Enables trip exploration based on images
Generates trips in seconds
Consolidates planning in one place
Opportunities for travel community engagement
Reduces researching across multiple platforms
Blends adventure and relaxation planning
Supports window shopping moniker travel
Handles complex itinerary computations
Includes option to build and customize
Increases efficiency in trip planning
Enables travel destination research
Maximizes user control over preferences
Variety of trip options available
Saves from tedious tracking experiences
Facilitates vacation brainstorming
Draws from a global userbase


No offline functionality
No multilingual support
Lacks travel expense tracking
No accommodation booking integration
Can't personalize trip on-the-go
No in-app tour booking
No user review for trips
Lack real-time trip adjustment
Inadequate trip sharing interface
No desktop app


What is Roamr?
How does Roamr help to plan vacations?
How does Roamr personalize vacation experiences?
What information do I need to provide to Roamr to get started?
What does Roamr mean by 'an ecosystem of pre-planned trips'?
Where can I find other users' trips on Roamr for inspiration?
Does Roamr have a mobile app?
What is the search feature of Roamr?
Can I use Roamr on both desktop and mobile?
What do users say about the Roamr experience?
How fast is Roamr in creating vacation plans?
How is Roamr different from traditional travel planning?
How does Roamr save users time and effort in travel planning?
Can I share my Roamr trips with my friends?
How does Roamr help me if I don't have a specific destination in mind yet?
What makes the ‘Roamr ecosystem’ unique?
What kinds of vacations does Roamr cater to?
Can I create multiple itineraries on Roamr?
Is Roamr available for download on the App Store?
How does Roamr handle my privacy and personal data?


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