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Design simulator with personalized recommendations.
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SofaBrain is an AI-powered interior design app and staging simulator, designed to revolutionize the way interior design is approached. With the help of artificial intelligence, users can visually imagine and transform various spaces within a home, such as living rooms and kitchens.

The app offers a unique feature called "Roast My Room," where users can evaluate and receive advice on their room designs from the AI.The AI provides tailored recommendations based on different interior design styles, including Classy Interior, Modern Chic, The Realtor, and Naturalist.

For example, it suggests ideas such as using monochromatic color schemes, updating worktops with contemporary materials, incorporating modern lighting fixtures, replacing hardware, and adding a runner rug for a pop of color.The AI also provides guidance for rooms with Rustic Charm Gone Awry, suggesting changes like repainting with neutral colors, curating wall art, updating fixtures, rethinking lighting, and decluttering.

Similarly, it offers recommendations for rooms with the Wooden Cabin look, such as adding a splash of color, upgrading the mattress, changing light fixtures, organizing countertops, and incorporating art or photography.SofaBrain caters to various user groups, including interior designers, real estate agents, DIYers, and furniture stores.

Interior designers can benefit from the app by accessing a wide range of design choices to present to their clients and better understand their preferences.

Real estate agents can showcase the potential of a listing by redesigning interiors and exteriors. DIYers can save time by visualizing room potential before starting their home decorating projects.

Furniture stores can impress customers by modernizing furniture and boosting sales.Overall, SofaBrain is a versatile tool that leverages AI to enhance the interior design process and provide valuable insights and suggestions for creating aesthetically pleasing spaces.


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Roast My Room was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 10th 2023.
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