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Optimize resumes with content and format feedback.
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The "How Bad Is Your Resume?" tool utilizes AI technology to provide users with feedback on the quality of their resumes. By submitting their resumes, users can receive a detailed analysis and critique of their CVs.

This analysis is generated by the AI system, which evaluates various aspects of the resume's content and structure. Powered by the "Simplify" platform, the AI tool employs advanced algorithms to identify potential shortcomings, such as poor formatting, grammatical errors, or lack of relevant information.

The AI system scrutinizes the resume's language, organization, and design to offer valuable guidance for improvement. With its user-friendly interface, this tool caters to individuals seeking to enhance their chances of securing job opportunities.

By providing specific insights and suggestions, it assists users in optimizing their resumes in a way that aligns with industry standards and best practices.

The "How Bad Is Your Resume?" AI tool is an efficient resource for both novices and experienced professionals, as it offers objective and constructive feedback that can be instrumental in crafting a strong and compelling resume.

It saves users time and effort by identifying areas of improvement, aiding them in presenting their skills and qualifications effectively. For additional project details and information, users can refer to the privacy policy and other resources provided by the platform.


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Oct 6, 2023
Tried it. No idea what it's supposed to do. It mentioned things that weren't on my resume. Not very useful.

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