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Automated sales email outreach and objection handling.
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Robin AI is an artificial intelligence platform designed to automate the top of the sales funnel for businesses. It uses sophisticated text-to-speech technology and CRM integration to craft and send emails from a business' email address, adjusting the copy based on the lead information.

When the lead responds, the email can be forwarded to Robin AI and it will create objection emails to book a call with the lead for a sales team to take over.

Robin AI also provides personalized sales advice and real-time insights to help businesses drive better results and gain a competitive advantage. It is integrated with major CRMs, SMS, chat, and voice and can be used for targeted outreach, email campaigns, and customer retention.

To try the Beta Demo, click the link provided.


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Pros and Cons


Automates top of funnel
Text-to-speech technology
Crafts and sends emails
Adjusts email copy
Responds to lead replies
Creates objection emails
Integrated with major CRMs
SMS, chat, and voice integration
Provides personalised sales advice
Delivers real-time insight
Designed by sales experts
Ideal for targeted outreach
Suitable for email campaigns
Assists customer retention
Beta demo available
Automates initial outreach
Advanced CRM integration
Real-time expert support


No multi-language support
Lacks advanced personalization features
Currently in Alpha
Limited channel integrations
No customization of emails
No A/B testing capability
Dependency on CRM data
Lack of real-time support
Limited use cases
Not GDPR compliant


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Can Robin AI provide personalized sales advice?
Does Robin AI provide any real-time insights?
How does Robin AI assist in customer retention?
Does Robin AI integrate with CRM platforms?
What other systems can integrate with Robin AI?
How does Robin AI help in lead generation?
Can I use Robin AI for my email campaigns?
Is there a demo version of Robin AI available?
How can Robin AI improve my sales performance?
Is Robin AI designed by sales experts?
Does the Robin AI platform use AI and machine learning technologies?
What types of business can benefit from using Robin AI?
Can Robin AI be used for targeted outreach?
Why should a sales team choose to use Robin AI?

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