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Manage Google reviews and responses more efficiently.
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RoboReply is an AI-powered software that helps businesses and agencies manage and respond to their Google reviews quickly and efficiently. By connecting multiple Google accounts, RoboReply gathers all the reviews in one convenient dashboard, allowing users to filter and choose which profiles to view.

Using AI technology, the software generates personalized responses to reviews that align with the user's brand voice, providing a seamless experience for reviewers.

What sets RoboReply apart is its ability to respond to hundreds of reviews across multiple profiles in just a matter of seconds. This feature makes it an excellent solution for chains, franchises and marketing agencies that need to manage large volumes of reviews.

Additionally, the developers of RoboReply also offer a free AI SEO Chrome extension that optimizes Google Business Profiles, generates SEO-optimized Google posts, and automatically responds to reviews.RoboReply is one of several tools developed by Merchynt, a company specializing in reputation management, review management, and local SEO services.

The software is accompanied by other listed services, such as Listings Management Software, White Label Review Management Software, and Local SEO Services.

Merchynt also offers a weekly marketing newsletter, free local marketing consultations, and a partner hub, making it a comprehensive resource for businesses looking to improve their online reputation.


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RoboReply was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Manages multiple Google accounts
Dashboard for all reviews
Handles multiple profiles
Quick review responses
Serves franchises, chains, agencies
Optimizes Google Business Profiles
Automatically responds to reviews
SEO-optimized Google posts
Accompanied by other services
Merchynt weekly marketing newsletter
Free local marketing consultations
Inclusive of partner hub
Reliable reputation management
Handles large review volumes
Review filtering system
Operates across multiple profiles
Built-in brand voice alignment
Comprehensive resource for businesses


No multilingual support mentioned
No free trial advertised
Charges per active profile
No mobile app mentioned
Limited to Google reviews
No user-customizable response templates
No API documentation mentioned
Filter options not fully detailed
No sentiment analysis feature
Doesn't support review-import from files


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Who is RoboReply ideal for?
Does RoboReply come with an AI SEO Chrome extension?
What are the other tools developed by Merchynt?
How can RoboReply improve my online reputation?
Is there a cost associated with using RoboReply?
How does RoboReply AI SEO Chrome extension work?
Does RoboReply have a feature to filter and choose which profiles to view?
Can RoboReply automatically respond to reviews?
What are the other services offered by Merchynt?
Can I get a free local marketing consultation with the purchase of RoboReply?
What is the price of RoboReply?
Does RoboReply offer a weekly marketing newsletter?
How can RoboReply optimize Google Business profiles?


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