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Simulated job search with humor and technology
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Robot Rejection is an AI tool designed to simulate the experience of job hunting and recruitment. It combines the use of OpenAI's GPT-4 with elements of satire to provide a unique and entertaining perspective on the contemporary job market.

Upon using the tool, users are invited to upload their resume and customize their "dream job" according to their preferences and requirements. They then await an email from the AI, which could invite them for a "virtual" interview or deliver rejection.It is important to note that while Robot Rejection is an experimental AI experiment, it does not store or save users' resumes, ensuring their privacy.

The tool only retains the job posting, the AI's response, and user feedback for the purpose of improving the Future of Recruitment. Any data used for research or public display will be anonymized without personal identifiers.Robot Rejection offers users an opportunity to gain insight into the AI-driven aspects of modern recruitment and have a lighthearted experience exploring the intersection of technology and job hunting.

While the tool may provide career insights, it is emphasized that important decisions should always consider human intuition and the tangible present.

Whether users find the experience enjoyable or disappointing, they are encouraged to provide feedback to contribute to the refinement of the tool.In summary, Robot Rejection is an experimental AI recruitment tool that provides a simulated job hunting experience, incorporating humor and AI technology.

It aims to offer users a different perspective on the job market while prioritizing user privacy and feedback for future improvements.


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Robot Rejection was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 19th 2023.
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