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Interior design visualization and room redesign.
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Room AI is an AI-powered interior design tool that allows users to easily redesign or create their ideal living spaces. With over 40 design styles to choose from, users can experiment with different interior design concepts without the need for any downloads or installations.

The tool offers two main functionalities: restyling an existing room and generating a new room design from scratch. For restyling, users can upload an image of their room and the AI will apply their chosen design preferences to it, providing a before-and-after visualization.

Alternatively, users can specify their design preferences and easily generate multiple photo-realistic renders of a new room design.Room AI covers various types of rooms, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, home offices, kids' rooms, media rooms, patios, laundry rooms, and home gyms.

Additionally, users have the option to choose their own colors or have the AI generate a color palette that matches their style and room. They can also explore different materials such as glass, wood, metal, fabrics, and stone to see how they would look in their interior.The tool is useful for homeowners looking to visualize their dream home, interior designers seeking to generate design ideas efficiently, real estate agents who want to showcase multiple interior design possibilities to clients, and architects who want to simplify their design process and provide clients with a sneak peek into their future interior.Room AI ensures user-friendly experience through an easy-to-use interface, customization options, and suggestions.

Payment transactions are secure through Stripe, and user data is treated confidentially, with strict privacy measures in place. Room AI was developed by Marc Köhlbrugge in collaboration with industry professionals, incorporating their input and expertise to offer a comprehensive and affordable AI-powered interior design solution.


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Pros and Cons


40+ design styles
No downloads required
Restyle existing rooms
Generates new room designs
Covers multiple room types
Offers variety of materials
User-friendly interface
Payment through Stripe
Confidential user data
Visualization of dream home
Efficient generation of design ideas
Showcase possible interior designs
Streamlines architectural design process
Collaboration with industry professionals
Designed for homeowners, designers, agents, architects
Envision perfect space with ease
Boosts website conversion rates
Supports commercial usage
Creates based on detailed input
Packed with customization options
Can work with interior designers
Secure payment processor
Strict data management practices
Developed with professional insight
Affordable interior design solution


Limited to 40 styles
No real-world material textures
No collaboration features
Cannot incorporate user's furniture
Lack of 3D view
No offline mode
Cannot order materials/supplies
Inability to consider lighting
No option for multi-room designs
Privacy concerns with uploaded images


What is Room AI?
What are the main functionalities of Room AI?
How many design styles does Room AI provide?
How can Room AI restyle an existing room?
Can I design a new room from scratch using Room AI?
What types of rooms can I design or redesign with Room AI?
Can I choose my own colors in Room AI?
What types of materials can Room AI simulate in the room design?
Who can benefit from using Room AI?
How secure is the payment process in Room AI?
Does Room AI have any privacy measures in place for user data?
Who developed Room AI?
Can I use Room AI for free?
Does Room AI cater to commercial usage?
How does Room AI differ from other interior design tools?
Do I still need an interior designer if I use Room AI?
What input should I provide for effective results in Room AI?
Does Room AI generate a color palette that matches my style and room?
Can Room AI help me envision different interior design possibilities for my home?
Can Room AI help me in selling properties faster if I'm a real estate agent?

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