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Research, analyze, clean, transform, visualize data.
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Rose is an AI-powered tool that streamlines the data research process, offering an efficient solution for finding, cleaning, visualizing, and transforming data.

With a focus on ease of use, Rose employs cutting-edge open-source LLMs (Language Model Models) and natural language processing techniques to parse information based on human language prompts.

This enables users to locate relevant data sources seamlessly, ensuring a smooth integration with top data providers worldwide.The platform's strength lies in its ability to engage and visualize data effectively.

Combining the creative aspects of SF (San Francisco) technology with the reliability of NY (New York) finance, Rose provides a fully auditable framework, allowing users to trace the logic behind its outputs back to the raw data inputs.

This feature enhances transparency and accountability.Rose also enables frictionless data sharing, empowering users to share insights with internal teams or third parties effortlessly.

Users have control over the level of permission granted to receivers, ensuring the protection of sensitive information.Furthermore, Rose operates as a trusted third-party data marketplace, facilitating the buying and selling of diverse and extensive datasets.

This feature offers users the opportunity to preview, purchase, and sell datasets with ease, promoting a collaborative environment.Rose is utilized by analysts at renowned financial institutions, further attesting to its reliability and suitability for data-intensive tasks.

The tool is accompanied by a comprehensive documentation resource and provides customer support through contact channels, including email.Please note that the tool mentioned in the description is called "Rose."


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Pros and Cons


Streamlines data research
Efficient solution for data analysis
Cleaning and visualizing data
Uses open-source LLMs
Incorporates natural language processing
Locates relevant data sources easily
Seamless integration with data providers
Effective data visualization
Fully auditable framework
Traceable outputs to raw inputs
Promotes transparency and accountability
Frictionless data sharing
Control over data permissions
Protects sensitive information
Functions as data marketplace
Facilitates buying and selling datasets
Allows dataset preview
Promotes collaborative environment
Reliable for data-intensive tasks
Comprehensive documentation
Email customer support
Used by financial institutions


No API mentioned
Relies solely on LLMs
Complex for non-analysts
Unclear data security measures
Limited integration options
Restricted to financial institutions
May have permissioning challenges
Platform's transparency unclear
Limited customer support channels
Unclear how to troubleshoot


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What is the auditable framework of Rose.AI?
How does Rose.AI enhance transparency and accountability?
Can Rose.AI facilitate data sharing?
In what way can I protect sensitive information while sharing data using Rose.AI?
Does Rose.AI operate as a third-party data marketplace?
Can I buy and sell datasets using Rose.AI?
Who are the typical users of Rose.AI?
What resources are available with Rose.AI for help and support?
What are the contact channels for Rose.AI customer support?
Can Rose.AI analyze and visualize my Apple sales data?
Can I customize permissions for data shared via Rose.AI?
Is there a feature to preview datasets before purchasing on Rose.AI?
How can I sign up and log in to Rose.AI?

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