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Create learning material from anything online instantly.
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Roshi is an AI tool designed to simplify the process of creating custom lessons in seconds. This user-friendly platform allows educators or any users to generate meaningful learning materials from various online resources.

Users can simply select any news article or text from the web to use as a foundation for a lesson. With just a single click, the tool transforms this chosen text into a lesson, featuring automatic text simplification to ensure the content matches an appropriate comprehension level.

Moreover, Roshi provides users the capability to devise questions based on the specific learning objectives of the lesson, helping to facilitate more targeted learning.

Furthermore, the tool carries innate features to analyze lesson content in-depth, this ensures the conveyed information is effective, precise, and applicable to the lesson's topic or discipline.

Wide-ranging utility alongside quick and intuitive operation makes Roshi an optimal choice for creating engaging and comprehensive online learning materials.


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Pros and Cons


One-click lesson creation
Utilizes online articles
Automatic text simplification
Question creation capability
In-depth lesson analysis
Intuitive operation
Facilitates targeted learning
Personalized comprehension level adjustment
Quick content conversion
User-friendly interface
Efficient time saver
Wide-ranging utility
Generates meaningful learning materials
Adaptable to any discipline
Effective information conveyance
Promotes engaging learning experience
Free sign-up offer
Function for own text use


Limited to text-based content
No multilingual support
Relies on user-generated questions
No mention of accessibility features
Potentially oversimplifies complex topics
Not suitable for non-web resources
Lacks in-depth learning analytics
No collaborative features
No offline functionality
Assumes uniform comprehension levels


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Can anyone other than teachers use Roshi?
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Is there a mobile application for Roshi?
How to create a lesson in Roshi?
Can I use my own text in Roshi for lesson creation?
Is there any trial period or free version to test Roshi?
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How user-friendly is the interface of Roshi?
Do I need any specific knowledge to use Roshi?

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