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Made pro music videos sans editing or prod knowledge.
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Rotor Videos is an AI-powered tool designed to help musicians create professional-quality music videos, Spotify Canvas Videos, artwork videos, lyric videos, music visualizer videos, and vertical/square videos for social media in minutes.

The tool provides a range of options to customize videos with different editing styles, filters, audio-reactive visual effects, and text, as well as a library of over 1 million high-quality stock video clips.Using Rotor Videos, users can create music videos, promo videos, and Spotify Canvas Videos without any video editing skills or production know-how.

The AI engine automatically generates a professional-quality video cut to the user’s music and the toolkit allows for easy trimming, adding text, and resizing for different social media platforms.

Prices for the videos range from $9 for a short video under 1 minute to 3 credits for a music video. Rotor also offers non-expiring credit bundles to save money.

The tool is also accessible to labels, offering monthly music, lyric, promo, and karaoke video creation as well as YouTube channel design and management.


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Rotor Videos was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Professional quality videos
Customizable editing styles
Audio-reactive visual effects
Over 1m stock videos
No video editing skills needed
Tool for trimming
Adding text capability
Resizing for social media
Affordable prices
Non-expiring credit bundles
Monthly video creation for labels
YouTube channel management
Spotify Canvas Video creation
Promo video creation
Lyric video creation
Music visualizer videos
Artwork videos
Automatic video generation
Support for labels and independent artists
Quick video creation
Includes clipping library
150+ video edit styles
Promotional messaging feature
Suitable for multiple budgets


Limited customization options
Dependent on library content
No multi-language support
No collaboration tools
Lacks advanced editing features
Limited video formats
Pay-per-video model
No integration with music platforms
Not suite for complex projects
Lacks 4K or HD support


What is Rotor Videos?
How does Rotor Videos work?
Who can use Rotor Videos?
What are the key features of Rotor Videos?
Can I customize videos on Rotor Videos?
Is it necessary to have video editing skills to use Rotor Videos?
Does Rotor Videos provide stock video clips?
What are the pricing options for Rotor Videos?
What are Rotor Videos' credit bundles?
How does Rotor Videos support music labels?
What types of videos can I create with Rotor Videos?
What is a Spotify Canvas Video?
What is the AI engine in Rotor Videos?
What kind of text can I add to my Rotor Videos?
Can Rotor Videos resize videos for different social media platforms?
What is the new AI powered lyric video maker on Rotor Videos?
Is there a free trial for Rotor Videos?
How long does it take to generate a video with Rotor Videos?
Can I add audio-reactive visual effects to my Rotor Videos?
What type of video assets can I create with Rotor Videos?

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