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Simulated user and market research.
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Roundtable is a platform that utilizes AI technology to conduct user and market research. With just a few clicks, users can simulate conversations, surveys, and interactions with their customers.

The platform features state-of-the-art artificial intelligence capabilities, allowing users to build AI models of their customers and simulate new surveys, asking any question to any customer segment.Roundtable provides results that users can trust by allowing them to explore the data behind the AI model and understand how it works.

This gives users confidence in knowing when to take action and when to gather more data. The platform also offers a suite of tools to help users make better decisions faster, such as identifying optimal pricing, products, messaging, and more.Designed for rapidly-moving teams, Roundtable offers different plans to cater to different team sizes.

Each plan includes a specific number of credits per month, which can be used to simulate a set of responses to one question using a custom model. Priority customer support is available for all plans, and users have the flexibility to cancel anytime.Roundtable is built by Mayank Agrawal and Matt Hardy, and is copyrighted by Roundtable Technologies, Inc.

The platform aims to provide a rapid and reliable solution for user and market research using AI technology.


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Roundtable was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Simulate conversations
Conduct user surveys
Survey interaction simulations
Simulate new surveys
Question any customer segment
Data-driven decision-making tools
Optimal pricing identification
Product optimization tools
Message optimization tools
Designed for various team sizes
Different pricing plans
Priority customer support
Cancellation flexibility
Custom model credits
Feedback welcomed
Insight to action tools
Booking demo enabled
Sandbox available
Built by experienced developers


Credit-based usage system
Expensive pricing plans
Requires JavaScript
May require customer data
No free trial option
Lack of per-question customization
Built by unknown developers
Customer segment model limitations
Lack of open-source transparency


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Which teams is Roundtable designed for?
How does Roundtable's subscription plan work?
What do the credits in Roundtable's plans mean?
Is there customer support available for Roundtable users?
What if I want to cancel my Roundtable subscription plan?
Who are the creators of Roundtable?
How can Roundtable help in identifying optimal pricing and products?
How do I enable JavaScript to run Roundtable?
How do I build a proprietary AI model on Roundtable?
Can I book a demo for Roundtable?
Are there different plans available for different team sizes in Roundtable?
Can I use Roundtable for simulating customer interactions?
Can Roundtable help in exploring the data behind the AI model?
What is the purpose of Roundtable's general-purpose model?

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