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Visual Studio Code's code assistant.
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Rubberduck is a Visual Studio Code extension designed to help developers code faster and more accurately. It uses AI to generate code, explain code, generate tests, find bugs, diagnose errors, and even create custom conversation templates.

To set up, users will need to sign up for an OpenAI API key, which they can enter with the Rubberduck: Enter OpenAI API key command.The AI Chat feature allows developers to ask questions about their code and software development topics.

This can be done through the command palette, editor context menu, keyboard shortcuts, or even the MacOS touch bar (if available). Rubberduck can generate code, edit code, explain code, generate tests, find bugs, diagnose errors, and more.

All of these features can be accessed through the command palette, context menu, or keyboard shortcuts.Finally, users can create their own conversation templates in their .rubberduck/template folder.

This allows them to craft AI chats that are specific to their conventions and use their own language. Rubberduck is a helpful tool for developers of all skill levels, allowing them to code faster and more accurately.

Rubberduck was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates code
Edits code
Explains code
Generates tests
Finds bugs
Diagnoses errors
Creates custom conversations
Command palette access
Context menu access
Keyboard shortcuts
MacOS touch bar feature
Specific convention supports
Self-language usage
Visual Studio Code's extension
Code generation from description
Diff view generation
Code change instruction
Specific code explanation
Unit test generation
Specific code potential bug check
Error cause identification
Compiler and linter errors fix
Error solution through chat
Custom response creation
Conversational threads for different topics
Syntax highlighting supporting VSCode colors
Specific outcome description
Programming language context inclusion
Inaccuracy warning for detailed conversations
Code snippet selection for diagnosis
Code-specific conversation accuracy
Resource links provided
Project details visibility
Download extension support
Easy setup
Supports all skill levels
Continuous updates
Working with Universal
Sharing option available
Code error identification
Can provide error fixes
Goal-oriented suggestions
Supports multiple categories
Works with iOS
Available on Visual Studio Marketplace
Custom template generation
Robust documentation
Versatile tool


May conflict with themes
No syntax highlighting
Conversations may be inaccurate
Relies heavily on selection
No auto code application
Non-intuitive custom templates
No predefined templates
No active pull requests
Doesn't work offline


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