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Generate a 4-hour online course in minutes.
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Rune Content is an advanced AI tool designed to facilitate the creation of comprehensive online courses. This platform allows users to quickly generate courses complete with videos, slides, and scripts, streamlining the course creation process.

It provides flexibility in terms of content, with the capacity to create courses on a large variety of topics. Users can publish their completed courses to popular online platforms including Udemy, Teachable, and Skillshare.

The tool also allows the addition of voiceovers to the generated slides and offers features for integrating webcam feeds into the courses, creating a more dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Rune Content suggests it can be used to monetize social media followings or increase newsletter conversions by offering free online courses to subscribers.

Furthermore, it promotes users to diversify their income streams, establish industry leadership, reach new audiences, and potentially earn passive income through the creation and sale of online courses.

The tool appeals to a broad range of users, including influencers, business owners, educators, and individuals looking to share their knowledge with the world.


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Jun 19, 2024
Currently on a wait list for its launch. No timeline provided.
Apr 6, 2024
It looks promising. The only thing I need is customizing the slides generated by AI. Each topic includes hyphens and bullet points that need to be corrected. The images are also not always appropriate. Customizing by providing an image link, title, and content is not easy. If these issues are fixed, I will upgrade to premium.
Mar 7, 2024
Pretty awesome Easily the best ai course creator. Only course creator with videos and slides. The one click video feature was awesome.
Mar 7, 2024
i tried to generate two topics it did not work

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Pros and Cons


Generates course in minutes
Complete with videos, slides, scripts
Flexible content creation
Publishes to Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare
Integrates voiceovers in slides
Webcam feed integration
Monetize social media followings
Increase newsletter conversions
Diversify income streams
Establish industry leadership
Reach new audiences
Potential for passive income
Appealing to wide user range
Can generate numerous courses quickly
Supports wide variety of topics
Offers free online courses
Image adding feature
Generates both slide and script
Easy webcam feed addition on slide
Enhance personal brand
Audience monetization
Generate passive income
Facilitates knowledge sharing
Requires no credit card for start
Easy 4-step course creation


No customization options
No accessibility settings
Unable to schedule content
No clear pricing
Lack of user analytics
No API integration
No native app
Limited platform compatibility
No collaboration features
No community interaction


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Does Rune Content support webcam feeds integration for course creation?
How can Rune Content be used to monetize social media followings?
Can Rune Content help increase newsletter conversions?
Can I earn passive income with Rune Content?
Who is the primary user base for Rune Content?
Does Rune Content provide any income diversification options?
How can Rune Content help me establish industry leadership?
Can I make courses on any topic with Rune Content?
What kind of content can I include in my courses with Rune Content?
How does the process of creating an online course with Rune Content work?
Can Rune Content help me reach new audiences?
Does Rune Content offer any free trials?
Do I need a credit card to start using Rune Content?
Are there any successful stories from people using Rune Content?
Is there a community of AI course creators using Rune Content?
Have any influencers or business owners shared their experience using Rune Content?

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