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Transform your LinkedIn outreach into a data-driven powerhouse.
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Salee AI is a tool designed to optimize and personalize B2B outreach on LinkedIn. Acting as an AI personalization mentor, Salee aims to ensure higher conversion rates by providing impactful and data-crafted interactions tailored to individual LinkedIn users.

This tool leverages artificial intelligence not only to enable improved repertoire and increased sales meetings but to craft quick, professional, and personalized messages for leads at all engagement stages.

Salee offers different AI models fit for various audiences, so users can switch between them based on their target audience. One of the highlighted features of Salee is 'Text Humanizer' which allows users to review and genericize AI messages in order to build real relationships on the platform.

Another feature 'Engage with leads' posts, lets users leave personalized comments to attract attention. Users can also get instant insights on a lead's profile based on their LinkedIn details.

Large companies have the option to order full data outreach analysis integrated with their CRM solutions with Salee's custom integration feature. The tool is also recommended for its ability to ensure a high rate of acceptance and a sizeable response rate while reducing the risk of account blocking.

The Salee AI tool is created by sales professionals and it aims to reclaim users' time while increasing positive reply rates.

Salee was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalizes LinkedIn outreach
Advanced profile analysis algorithm
Analyzes communication history
Based on expertise of experienced sellers
Chrome extension
Offers pricing plans
Provides case studies
Saves time
Improves response rates
Targeted for B2B outreach
Provides quick, professional messages
Text Humanizer feature
Allows comment on leads' posts
Provides instant insights on leads' profile
Custom integration with CRM solutions
Reduces risk of account blocking
Created by sales professionals
High acceptance and response rate
Time-saving tool
Increases positive reply rates
Tailors messages to engagement stages


Only a Chrome extension
Limited to LinkedIn platform
Only B2B outreach
No mobile application
Potentially overwhelming customization options
Exclusively text-based communication
Only English language mentioned


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