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Personalized videos at scale with AI
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Automate sending loom-style personalized videos. Clone your voice and face, upload thousands of leads, enable website background, and send personalized videos at scale.

Salemaker also supports enrichment where we can further personalize the script by scraping your lead's website. You can also get a custom landing page with a CTA and track analytics.

We offer affiliate and white-labeling services as well and have an API for integrations.


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Salemaker was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 28th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized sales videos
Voice cloning and face-syncing
Script customization
Integration with calendar apps
Shareable landing pages
Customizable video thumbnails
Dynamic video backgrounds
Lead engagement tracking
Upcoming features like enrichment
Video dubbing in multiple languages
Flexible pricing plans
Lifetime access availability
Bulk video generation
Exclusive landing page for each video
CSV file upload for lead details
Branded landing page customization
Video captions
ROI tracking
Personalized message integration
Custom integrations
Priority 24/7 support
API access
White labelling
Provides personalized thumbnails
Record once, use multiple times
Variable script contents
Interactive content
Data utilization
Web enrichment for personalization


Potential data privacy issues
Requires CSV for personalization
Voice cloning not perfect
Face-syncing can be unnatural
Dynamic backgrounds limited
Dependent on analytics
Video captioning coming soon
One-time payment model uncertainty


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What flexibility does Salemaker offer in its pricing plans?

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