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Automated sales email outreach with warm-up.
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Salesforge's 10x Pipeline is a cold email software designed to help sales teams increase their email outreach by leveraging unlimited sending accounts, built-in personalization powered by AI, and email warming features.

The tool offers a one-stop-shop for executing on leads without the need to log into different tools. It allows users to warm up every connected inbox within two weeks, validate email addresses, and send 10x more emails.

The built-in personalization feature is powered by AI, leveraging buyer and seller data matching to create personalized emails at scale, which can increase over time with each email sent.

The tool also boasts a unique infrastructure that maximizes email deliverability and increases reply rates using machine learning and GPT4 to build unique email content.

10x Pipeline supports multiple sender accounts, including Google, Outlook, and Zoho, allowing users to send thousands of emails across all their mailboxes to close more deals and increase productivity.

The tool's PrimeBox feature allows users to view all replies across multiple inboxes in a single, unified view. Salesforge offers a waitlist for early adopters and 50% discounts for preorders.

The tool is GDPR compliant, includes a free warm-up feature, and requires no credit card. Salesforge is used by various companies, including AriseHealth, OE, 2020INC, The Paak, Ephicient, and Toogether.


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Pros and Cons


Unlimited sender accounts
Built-in personalization
Email warming feature
One-stop-shop interface
Inbox warming in 2 weeks
Validates email addresses
Sends 10x more emails
Supports Google, Outlook, Zoho accounts
View replies across inboxes
PrimeBox for unified inbox view
Waitlist for early adopters
50% discount for preorders
GDPR compliant
Free warm-up feature
No credit card required
Machine learning maximizes deliverability
GPT4 for unique content
See all replies in one view
Multiple major business clients
Reply rate performance tracking
Built-in email address validation


Requires two weeks for warming
No credit card acceptance
Only supports certain senders
Validation before sending necessary
Waitlist for early adoption
No immediate access, upcoming release
Single-view reply management
Focuses largely on deliverability
Potential spam email increase


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