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Write 100s of personalized cold emails in less than a minute.
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PersonalizeThat is a tool powered by AI, specifically ChatGPT, which is designed to automate and enhance the process of writing cold emails. The primary feature of this tool is its ability to generate hyper-personalized cold emails that are tailored to your prospects' specific needs and interests.

The AI conducts automated research by reviewing the LinkedIn profiles of your leads, reading employer news articles, and seeking out industry blog articles to gain insight about the prospect.

Subsequently, this information is compiled and used by ChatGPT to create personalized cold emails. This allows users to draft hundreds of custom emails in less than a minute.

Furthermore, the app makes it easier to prepare follow-up emails and form opening sentences for each prospect. The generated emails can be easily accessed and if required, users can request to have them removed from the system.

PersonalizeThat also plans to integrate with CRM and emailing tools such as Gmail, MailChimp, and Salesforce for an optimized experience. The access to the tool can be requested through the website and access priority is granted on a referral basis.

It also offers various subscription tiers and provides the first five AI-generated cold emails free of charge to allow users to test the tool before subscribing.


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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized cold emails
Integrates with LinkedIn
Quick generation of hundreds of emails
Assists in lead generation
Uses power of ChatGPT
Weekly access grants
Priority access based on referrals
Multiple pricing tiers
Free trial with 5 emails
Plan to integrate with Gmail
Plan to integrate with MailChimp
Plan to integrate with Salesforce
Access to email history
Option to remove data
Privacy Policy available
Terms of Service available


Linkedin integration only
Limited free trial
Priority access based on referrals
Unsure third-party data policies
Pending CRM and email integrations
Access request required
History removal request necessary
Data retention not guaranteed
Access granted weekly


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