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Real-time tool finding startups and local business leads.
Generated by ChatGPT is a real-time prospecting tool designed for B2B data lookup. It aids in finding startups and local business leads, offering details such as email, phone, and social media leads for comprehensive company profiles.

The tool verifies each lead to ensure authenticity and relevance. In addition to business leads, provides a targeted search feature for local businesses or enterprise SaaS.

Another distinctive feature of is its 'Investor Finder' which allows users to locate angel investors, VC's, accelerators, and advisors worldwide. essentially operates as a robust search engine for B2B data and encompasses contact details, social media information, company descriptions, industry data, and associated technology used by companies.

It is not limited to leads but also provides unlimited, real-time search capability for B2B emails and phone numbers, affording users unrestricted search access and fair-use access to person and company-level data.

The real-time search system promises to deliver the highest quality data, improving lead generation effectiveness and efficiency. This system also obviates the need for manual information collection, potentially saving users both time and effort.

Additionally, offers a transparent pricing model with no hidden costs.


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SalesMirror was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Forensic intelligence
Predictive analytics
Real-time search
Up-to-date data
Data on competitors
Data on potential buyers
Insight into organizations
Data on companies' descriptions
Data on companies' industry
Data on employee lists
Data on associated emails
Data on media used
Data on company executives
Investor data
Partner data
Technology usage tracker
Strategy identification
Fast B2B relationship building
Comprehensive profiles
Find startups and local businesses
Lead verification
Targeted local business search
Targeted enterprise SaaS search
Investor Finder feature
Unrestricted search access
Fair-use access
Real-time data delivery
Reduces manual information collection
Transparent pricing
Details on software usage
No hidden costs
B2B email and phone search
Validated company data
Saves up to 75% cost
Robust search engine
Unlimited search capability
Provides contact details
Access to social media info
High quality data
List of company advisers
Global market data
Details on hiring tech
Over 250 million data points
Local and global market data
Single pricing plan
Affordable real-time system
Contact info of decision makers


No API integration
No CRM integration
Limited enterprise features
No mobile app
No advanced analytics
No multi-language support
No offline functionality
Limited customer service
No free trial
No customizable interface


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How does deliver insights within organizations?
Does provide information on potential buyers?
What kind of data does provide on companies?
Can I look up contact information on executives using
What kind of technologies used by companies can I find on
What is the 'Investor Finder' feature on
Is the data provided by refreshed?
What is the cost of
How efficient is in lead generation?
How does verify business leads?
Can I find angel investors using
What's the advantage of using over manual methods?
How does assist start-ups and local businesses?
What's the significance of unlimited, real-time search on
Does offer any features to search for enterprise SaaS or local businesses?
Can I get social media leads for any company using
What kind of company profiles can I access with
Is there a limit to the number of B2B emails and phone numbers I can find with

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