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Streamline government contracting using SamSearch's AI contract search and proposal generator.
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SamSearch is an AI proposal and capture solution aiming to revolutionize government contracting. It is designed to simplify and speed up the response to government RFPs (Request for Proposals).

Key features of SamSearch include AI contract search, proposal generator, and email notification system. The AI contract search capability understands full sentences and delivers contextually relevant results based on the contract type, department/agency, and set aside codes.

The platform has a user-friendly interface, ultimately aiding in the easy navigation of contract searches. The proposal generator is designed to effortlessly draft personalized proposals aligned with your business profile, using an AI text editor.

The AI engine ensures impactful, tailored proposals, potentially enhancing the success of contract acquisitions. SamSearch also offers an AI-powered summarizer, allowing users to quickly grasp the key information about an opportunity without having to sift through lengthy files manually.

The timely email notifications feature further ensures that users remain ahead of the game by notifying them of new opportunities matching their business profile.

Finally, the platform's pricing plans provide a variety of options to suit varying needs including AI-powered federal opportunity search, proposal outline generation, and dedicated support.


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SamSearch was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 20th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Contextual search results
Effortless proposal generation
Impactful, tailored proposals
Timely email notifications
Matches business profile
Variety of pricing plans
Simple interface
Contract type filter
Department/ agency filter
Set aside codes filter
Search in English sentences
Personalized proposals generation
Proposal outline generation
Can schedule search queries
Provides dedicated support
Federal opportunity search
Custom solutions for enterprise
On-Prem deployment
API Access
Unlimited seats on enterprise
Regular product updates
Allocation for custom requests
Option for custom data
Platform integrations
RFP response optimization
Speeds up RFP response
Customizable notification frequency
First to know opportunities
Efficient key information grasp
Platform built by proven engineers
Match with business profile notification
7 days free trial


No mobile application
Lack of multilingual support
Limited customizability
Interface not intuitive enough
Can't process complex RFPs
No data export features
Narrow business profile settings
Limited Department/Agency Codes
Lack offline capabilities


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