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Platform for sharing org knowledge and automating tasks.
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Sana is an AI-powered learning platform that enables organizations to access and share knowledge, automate administrative tasks, and perform faster than ever before.

The platform offers tools and functionalities such as creating live and self-paced learning experiences, simplifying live learning, managing chaos with smart auto-automations, and clarifying impact with intuitive analytics.

The platform is designed to help businesses build immersive onboarding programs, organize compliance training, streamline employee education, develop leadership skills, and enable sales representatives with tools to access knowledge and build skills.

Sana is a complete learning management system that offers AI-assisted search capabilities, personalized learning paths, collaboration tools, and personalized reviews.

The platform integrates with a wide range of third-party tools and offers multilingual support. It also provides automated administration features such as user onboarding and offboarding, custom user attributes, and customizable access rights.

Sana is trusted by industry leaders and offers a personalized learning experience with interactive elements, such as polls and quizzes, personalized homepage, recommendations, and project assignment upload.

The platform aims to save time, scale up and allow organizations to focus on the fun stuff. With Sana, organizations can unlock their knowledge and empower their teams to learn fast, retain knowledge, and automate administrative tasks.


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Dec 22, 2023
Interesting LMS. Love that they use AI in all aspects of the learning journey.

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Pros and Cons


Live and self-paced learning
Smart auto-automations
Intuitive analytics
Organizing compliance training
Streamlining employee education
Creating onboarding programs
Personalized learning paths
Multi-language support
Integrates with other third-party tools
Automated onboarding and offboarding
Customizable access rights
Interactivity like polls and quizzes
Project assignment upload
Management system features
Personalized homepage and recommendations
Running virtual and hybrid training
Universal search across all company's apps
Rich multimedia embedding
Course authoring features
In-built live sessions for learning
Automations, translations and course generation
Easy third-party integration
Granular learner behavior tracking
Customizable reporting
Dynamic grouping based on user attributes
Instructor-led training management
Time and completion based automations
Automated user onboarding and offboarding
Customer support via email and chat
Help center and SLA dashboard
Customizable certifications
Off-the-shelf HR system connectors
SAML-based single sign-on
User management with SCIM provisioning
Has EU geo-fencing of data
Customizable notifications
Editor commenting with real-time notifications
Automations and translations
Segmentation based on content taxonomy
SCORM upload support
Content improvement suggestions
User groups and dynamic groups
Collaborative editing
Customized learning paths


No offline mode
No free version available
Limited third-party tool integrations
User experience not specified
Limited gamification features
Multilingual support might be limited
Complicated for non-tech users
Limited content import
No Android or iOS apps


What is Sana and what does it do?
What is the main purpose of Sana?
How does Sana help in automating tasks?
Who is the target audience for Sana?
What tools and functionalities does Sana offer?
How can Sana help businesses with onboarding programs?
Does Sana offer an AI-assisted search capability?
What kind of collaboration tools does Sana provide?
How does Sana integrate with third-party tools?
Does Sana offer multilingual support?
How does Sana assist in user onboarding and offboarding?
What type of personalized learning experiences does Sana create?
Can Sana be used to build leadership skills?
What are the key features of Sana's learning management system?
What kind of interactive elements does Sana offer?
How does Sana handle automation of administrative tasks?
How does Sana support the creation of self-paced learning experiences?
Can Sana be used to organise compliance training?
Does Sana offer analytics to measure learning impact?
How is data security handled in Sana?

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