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Experience secure AI conversations locally on your device.
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Sanctum is a private and local AI assistant aimed at providing privacy-first, secure AI-based services directly on your device. The tool allows you to run and interact with full-featured open-source Large Language Models (LLMs) locally.

This means that all data is encrypted and never leaves your device, offering you full control and privacy. Once downloaded, an internet connection is not required to access and use these models.

Furthermore, Sanctum comes with an AI matching engine which facilitates easy switching between different open-source models, enabling users to find a model that fits their specific needs.

Beyond text interpretation and generation, Sanctum also offers the ability to interact with PDF files in a private environment. This can include asking questions or summarizing documents.

Finally, it is equipped with a 'Sanctum Vault' a secure local repository for data storage. All data within this vault is encrypted and accessible only by the user.

While the current version supports MacOS 12+ only, future updates include plans to support Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android operating platforms.


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Jan 8, 2024
Nice UI and the only one who has a local chat with PDF

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Pros and Cons


Runs LLMs locally
Data never leaves device
Internet not required
Switch between models
Interacts with PDFs
Sanctum Vault data security
Encrypted data storage
MacOS 12+ support
Future Windows/Linux/iOS/Android support
Encrypted local data
Can analyze private data
Helps improve scripts
Used for content creation
Processes health data locally
Conducts data analysis privately
Contribution to code development
User feedback analysis
Handles encrypted personal information
No data shared without permission
No email or phone tracking
Secure AES-256 encryption
Future support for file uploads
Future custom machine learning support
Future Sanctum cloud support
Easy setup
Private PDF interaction
Frictionless model switching
Personal health data analysis
Private financial data analysis
Secure coding collaboration
Sales script improvement
Wellness tracking
Locally stored Sanctum Vault
Private encrypted chat storage
Encrypted Sanctum Vault database
Easy switching to perfect models


MacOS 12+ only supported
Doesn't support import/export of files
No cloud version available
Inability to bookmark messages
No mobile version available
No custom machine learning
Limited document interaction capabilities
No real-time collaborative features
No interactive learning prompts


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Can Sanctum interact with PDF files?
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Is Sanctum only available for MacOS?
What operating systems will be supported by Sanctum in the future?
What does the AI matching engine in Sanctum do?
Does Sanctum support document generation?
How can Sanctum help with text interpretation?
Does Sanctum require an internet connection for model downloads?
What kind of data is encrypted by Sanctum?
Can Sanctum operate offline?
Is Sanctum's data locally encrypted?
What open-source models are compatible with Sanctum's AI matching engine?
Can Sanctum be used for private content generation?
How does Sanctum ensure the privacy of my AI conversations?

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