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Enhanced email organization and productivity.
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SaneBox is an email management tool that aims to enhance productivity by reducing the time spent on email management. It employs artificial intelligence (A.I.) to assist users in organizing their inbox effectively.

The tool automatically identifies important emails, allowing users to prioritize their attention and stay focused. Users can also take advantage of the tool's trainable features, such as special filters and contact training, to customize the email sorting process.SaneBox provides daily updates about email activity, ensuring that users stay informed and do not miss any important emails.

Additionally, the tool offers features like email deep cleaning, allowing users to safely dispose of older and unnecessary emails. It also provides various options for organizing emails, such as archiving, marking as read, snoozing, moving, training, and trashing.

SaneBox can even block annoying emails by automatically redirecting them to a designated folder.Furthermore, the tool can recognize newsletters and mailing lists, consolidating them in one convenient location.

Users also have the ability to create customizable folders for personal preferences, such as receipts, bills, family, and work.SaneBox offers a snooze feature that allows users to delay emails until a more suitable time, ensuring they reappear in the inbox when needed.

The tool emphasizes user flexibility, enabling them to cancel anytime without losing any data.Overall, SaneBox provides users with a smart and trainable inbox assistant powered by A.I., reducing email overload and improving productivity.


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