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Storytelling for authors and enthusiasts.
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Sassbook AI Story Writer is a powerful AI-powered story writing tool that helps authors and enthusiasts alike produce authentic stories quickly and easily.

The tool comes with several preset story genres, allowing users to generate content rapidly and efficiently. It has a variety of features to help customize stories, such as a creativity setting, candidate generations, and words per generation.

The AI Story Generator also includes a subscription plan for more advanced features, such as 100 words per generation, 6 candidate completions, and AI-driven content configuration.

The AI Story Writer also supports a variety of genres, such as original, classic, humor, sci-fi, romance, thriller, and realism. Furthermore, users can give feedback on each generation, helping to further refine the content.

Finally, Sassbook AI Story Writer is connected to a blog, where users can find helpful tips and examples for creating quality fiction stories.


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Sassbook AI Story generator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Subscription plan
Adjustable creativity setting
Candidate generations feature
Words per generation adjustment
Multiple story genres
Generates genre-based content
Allows user feedback
Content customization options
100 words per generation
6 candidate completions
Connected blog for tips
Automatic story generation
Supports multi-genre story writing
Content enhancements with feedback
Wide genre variety
Ideal for authors, enthusiasts
Never short of inspiration
Helps speed up writing
Generate articulate content
Spurs new creative ideas
Rapid story generator
Multiple story alternatives
Applicable for all skill levels
Effective against writer's block
Inspires with generated options
Supports several fiction styles
Conducive for productivity
Inclusion of all apps


Subscription required for advanced features
Limited to pre-set genres
Limits on words per generation
Requires constant user prompt input
Feedback necessary for content refinement
No multi-language support
Limited number of candidate generations
UI not clearly described
No explicit collaboration features


What is Sassbook AI Story Writer?
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Can I customize story settings in Sassbook AI Story Writer?
What maximum number of words per generation does Sassbook AI Story Writer support?
How many candidate completions can Sassbook AI Story Writer generate?
What additional features does the subscription plan of Sassbook AI Story Writer offer?
Are there any daily limits to use Sassbook AI Story Writer?
Can I provide feedback on each story generation?
How can Sassbook AI Story Writer help in combating writer's block?
Is Sassbook AI Story Writer useful for professional authors?
Does Sassbook AI Story Writer support automatic story generation across multiple genres?
What kinds of stories can I create using Sassbook AI Story Writer?
How does the AI in Sassbook AI Story Writer generate stories?
What are the creativity settings in Sassbook AI Story Writer?
Can Sassbook AI Story Writer help in generating new story ideas?
Does Sassbook AI Story Writer offer commercial plans?
What other products does Sassbook AI offer?
What is the blog connected to Sassbook AI Story Writer?
How does the Sassbook AI Story Writer work with the given prompts?

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