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Customer analytics for SaaS platform visualization.
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SayData is a customer-facing analytics tool designed specifically for SaaS platforms. It seamlessly integrates AI-driven analytics into your application, providing beautiful visualizations and a user-friendly experience.

With SayData, there's no need for complicated SQL queries or complex programming languages. Users can simply ask questions in plain English, and the tool will automatically process and analyze the data to provide insights.The tool offers a comprehensive suite of data visualization and analysis tools, enabling users to explore and uncover insights in real-time.

Custom dashboards and reports can be created to showcase data in an easily understandable format. SayData is also tailored to the unique needs of each business, allowing users to ask questions that are specific to their industry and operations.SayData supports various data integrations, including MySQL, ClickHouse, Athena, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Rocket, and Snowflake.

It can be seamlessly integrated into dashboards, applications, Slack workspaces, and shared via links. The tool also offers white-label analytics, providing users with a secure portal to view their own data.When it comes to data security, SayData ensures complete privacy with its privacy-first architecture.

The tool undergoes annual penetration tests to maintain top-notch security measures.SayData offers flexible pricing options, including a Standard Plan for individuals and small businesses, a Growth Plan for growing enterprises, and an Enterprise Plan for large organizations.

Each plan has different features and support levels to cater to specific needs.Overall, SayData is a powerful AI analytics tool that simplifies data analysis, enhances data visualization, and provides valuable insights for SaaS platforms.


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Pros and Cons


No need for SQL queries
English language data querying
Real-time data insights
Customizable dashboards and reports
Tailored business-specific questions
Supports various data integrations
Integration with dashboards/apps/Slack
Shareable insights via link
White-label analytics offered
Privacy-first architecture
Annual security penetration tests
Flexible pricing options
SaaS-specific analytics
Visualization suite included
Embeddable analytics in apps
Seamless integration in workflows
Supports MySQL, ClickHouse integrations
Supports Athena, MariaDB integrations
Supports PostgreSQL, MongoDB integrations
Supports Rocket, Snowflake integrations
Out-of-the-box dashboard portal
On-prem, region specific stacks
Email, Slack support for Standard Plan
Fine-tuned LLMs for Growth Plan
White-label solution with custom branding
Embedded dashboards, iframes and packages
Custom visualizations for Enterprise Plan
Unlimited data schemas for Enterprise Plan
Dedicated account manager for Enterprise Plan


No API mentioned
Dependent on specific integrations
Limited to English queries
No multilanguage support
No advanced programming supported
Lacks public performance metrics
No stated offline functionality
Potential extra cost for customization
Limitations on data sources
No free-tier for businesses


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Can SayData be safely deployed and constructed?

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