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World's first AI mobile extension finding the best deals for you.
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SayF is an AI-powered mobile extension designed to streamline the shopping experience by automatically finding the best deals, discounts, and coupons as you shop across different brand websites.

Particularly beneficial for online shoppers, SayF compares prices and offers the convenience of not having to manually search for deals. It works across a vast variety of popular brands, enhancing saving opportunities and improving the buying process.

In addition to providing instant discounts, SayF acts as a shopping assistant, offering its services on over 350+ brands, including Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Zomato, Reliance smart, Croma, and Reliance Trends among others.

This tool aims to ensure that you save every time you shop by presenting the best available deals directly on your mobile device. As the world's first AI mobile extension of its kind, SayF is leading the way in automated online shopping convenience and affordability.

Additional features include a demonstrative waiting list for mobile first extension, enhancing user accessibility and optimization. Please note that early access signups are available.


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SayF was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automated deal finder
Comparative price analysis
Accessible on mobile
Compatible with 350+ brands
Instant discount availability
No manual search required
Directly applicable offers
Streamlines shopping experience
Shopping assistance feature
Demonstrative waitlist availability
Early access signups
Automated online shopping convenience
Works across varied brands
Enhances user accessibility
Mobile optimization aspect
First of its kind
Shopping optimization feature
Same tool for 1000+ brands
Automatic promo code finder
Automatic coupon finder
Works with popular retail brands
Built for mobile shopping
Save with every purchase
Shopping and retail tech


Limited to mobile devices
Early access signups needed
Focuses mainly on Indian brands
No browser extension
Limited to 350+ brands
Works only across specific brands
Dependent on brand participation
No desktop compatibility
No user customization features
Only applies to online shopping


What is the main function of SayF?
How does SayF work?
How does SayF find the best deals for shoppers?
What brands does SayF support?
Why is SayF referred to as a 'mobile extension'?
What sets SayF apart as the world's first AI mobile extension?
Does SayF only work on mobile devices?
What additional features does SayF offer?
How does SayF enhance user accessibility and shopping optimization?
What does the term 'demonstrative waiting list' mean in relation to SayF?
How can I join the waiting list for SayF mobile first extension?
How do I get early access to SayF?
How will SayF ensure that I save every time I shop?
Is the SayF extension available for download?
Can I get SayF on Google Play Store?
Is SayF beneficial for all online shoppers?
Is SayF compatible with both Amazon and Flipkart?
What does it mean when you say SayF automatically finds coupons as I shop?
Does SayF also act as a shopping assistant? How?
Can SayF compare prices across different brands when shopping?

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