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LinkedIn message personalization using public profiles.
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SayHi is an AI-powered Chrome extension that helps users write effective and persuasive LinkedIn messages tailored to their recipients. It uses public LinkedIn profiles to craft personalized messages that are appropriate for the user’s purpose.

SayHi is suitable for a range of activities, from recruiting and professional networking, to sales and customer outreach, and even fundraising. It also allows users to create message templates that can be reused with any recipient.

For teams, SayHi offers a range of pricing plans, each with its own set of features. These include analytics integration, A/B testing, automated message templates, and access to beta features.

Additionally, users can also request custom plans with unique and one-off features. New users can get 10 free messages to start.


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SayHi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Message personalization
Public LinkedIn profile use
Suitable for various activities
Template creation
Reusable message templates
Multiple pricing plans
Analytics integration
A/B testing
Automated templates
Access to beta features
Custom plans
Unique features per request
Ten free messages
Fast set up
Tone selection
Roles based operation
Specific targeting for recruiters
Network growth for professionals
Customer prospecting for sales
Fundraising feature for entrepreneurs
Hiring module for leaders
Outreach for investors
Highly personalized messages
Integration with ATS/CRM
Auto-generated templates from descriptions
Affordable pricing
Featured on Product Hunt


Only available as Chrome extension
Requires JavaScript enabled
Limited free messages
Dependent on public profiles
No standalone application
Paid plans for more messages
Custom plans, potential extra costs
No mobile version
High prices for team packages


What is SayHi?
What does SayHi do?
How does SayHi AI work?
What is SayHi's main purpose?
What can SayHi offer to individual users?
Is SayHi suitable for professionals in sales?
Can recruiters use SayHi?
What unique features does SayHi offer to teams?
Does SayHi offer any beta features?
What is a message template in SayHi?
Are the messages on SayHi personalized?
How can I use SayHi for customer outreach?
How does SayHi leverage LinkedIn profiles?
Can I create reusable templates on SayHi?
Are there pricing plans available for SayHi?
What is SayHi's Chrome extension for?
What offers are currently available for purchasing SayHi?
Can I request custom features on SayHi?
Is there a trial offer for new users of SayHi?
Where can I download the SayHi extension?

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