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Workflow automation through data capture in industries.
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ScanFlow is an AI scanner tool designed for smart devices that enables data capture and workflow automation. It offers a range of features for real-time insights and workflow efficiency.

The tool includes various scanning capabilities such as text scanning, barcode/QR code scanning, ID scanning, tire sidewall scanning, VIN scanning, and component number scanning.

With text scanning, users can scan alphanumeric text combinations in a single go. The barcode/QR code scanning feature allows for high-performing barcode scanning on any smart device, while the ID scanning feature enables real-time data extraction from customer identity documents like passports, IDs, and driver's licenses.ScanFlow also offers additional functionalities such as self-checkout, drone scanning, assembly line tracking, inventory management, patient registration and verification, KYC verification, and passport scanning.

These features cater to a wide range of industries and use cases, including retail, healthcare, and logistics.The tool promotes seamless integration with existing systems through its integration capabilities, and provides resources and developer support for smooth implementation.

Pricing details are available on the ScanFlow website, along with a login portal for users to access their accounts. For inquiries or support, users can get in touch with the ScanFlow team through the provided contact information.Overall, ScanFlow is a comprehensive AI scanner tool that empowers smart devices with powerful data capture capabilities, leading to enhanced workflow automation and efficiency in various industries.


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