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Gaming asset generation for faster game development.
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Scenario is an AI-powered gaming asset generation tool that enables game developers to save time and spark creativity by quickly and easily creating engaging content.

With Scenario, developers can create their own bespoke AI models in a few clicks without any technical skill required. Scenario allows developers to pick and upload their own training data, such as characters, props, and buildings, and use it to generate unique, high-quality content.

Developers can also use Scenario to create their own generative AI engines, and test new game concepts and ideas, with more efficient prompting. With Scenario, developers can unlock astounding creativity and bring their ideas to life with just a few words.


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Dec 12, 2023
decent but the prices are just horrible

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Scenario was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates high-quality content
Upload own training data
Quick concept testing
Efficient prompting
Speeds up production
Supports variety of data
No technical skill required
Single-word asset generation
Supports wide range of visual styles
Has Discrod community


No offline functionality
Dataset upload limit
Limited to visual assets
No collaborative features
Lack of user-defined controls
Only English language support
Limited training data types
No mobile application
Single user license
No API for integration


What is Scenario?
What is the primary use of Scenario?
Is Scenario easy to use for someone with no technical skills?
What kind of training data can I upload to Scenario?
How does Scenario help in generating gaming assets?
Can I train my own AI models using Scenario?
How can I create a generative AI engine with Scenario?
Can Scenario assist me in generating unique, high-quality content?
Can I test new game concepts and ideas using Scenario?
How efficient is the prompting feature in Scenario?
Is Scenario capable of generating style-consistent assets?
What types of game assets can I create using Scenario?
How can Scenario speed up my game production?
What steps are involved in generating assets with Scenario?
What kind of visuals can I choose in Scenario?
How can I bring my ideas to life with Scenario?
Can I use Scenario to generate characters, props or buildings?
Can Scenario create assets for different art styles?
Are there any feedback or reviews available for Scenario?
How can I use the 'Try a Demo' feature on Scenario?


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