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Simplify your KPI struggle with our AI-powered dashboard.
Generated by ChatGPT is a Sales Engagement Platform powered by AI. Its primary function is to streamline the complexities of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking and analysis.

To do this, the platform provides a unified dashboard where all KPIs can be reviewed in one place. In addition to this, it offers advanced automation capabilities, which aim to automate traditionally manual tasks.

Also embedded within the tool are AI personalization features. This ensures user workflows are tailored for targeted insights. With an emphasis on scale and customization, the platform has the ability to easily adapt to any level of load, providing seamless scaling.

It also provides opportunities for no-code customization, making it accessible for users of diverse technical abilities. A key component of's design philosophy is privacy.

To give users control over their data and to assure them of its safety, it follows a privacy-centric design approach. The starting point with involves a simple download and installation of a user-friendly Chrome plugin.

Once users create an account, they are able to unlock powerful features designed to bolster sales goals. Refined approach to sales success, reaching goals in an efficient manner using this tool is an impressive value proposition.


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Scope Money was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Improves sales team performance
Analyzes communication and context
Personalizes outreach messaging
Adapts messages to prospects
Replaces spreadsheets and manual CRM
Accurate assessment of sales sprints
Consolidates performance data
Simplifies workflow
Provides valuable team insights
Customizes communication
Accelerates prospect engagement
Achieves 10x results
Free and premium pricing options
Streamlines workflow
Improves communication
LinkedIn outreach support
KPI Tracking
Data Analysis
No-Code Customization
Privacy-Centric Design
Chrome Plugin
Supports sales goals
Performance Monitoring
Tailors user workflows
Seamless scaling
Privacy-controlled data
Easy install Chrome plugin
Targeted insights
Efficiency emphasis
Dynamic Data Architecture
User-friendly design
Flexible load adaptation
Offers Early Access
Scheduling features
Team performance boost
Simplified KPI tracking
Automates manual tasks
Unified KPI dashboard
No-code customizations
Multiple user capabilities
Advanced automation
Enhanced outreach sales
Privacy-focused approach
Simple download and installation
Increases conversions
Improves revenue


Limited to Chrome plugin
No mobile app
Limited free version
Possible privacy concerns
Tailors messaging automatically
No-code customization limitations
No mentioned integration capabilities
Potential scalability challenges
No explicit data export/import functionality


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What automation capabilities does offer?
How does the AI personalization feature work in
How can scale according to load?
Can be customized without coding knowledge?
What is's approach towards privacy?
How can I download and install the Chrome plugin for
How can help me achieve my sales goals?
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