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Extracts info from images, simplifying search & organization.
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Screenshot AI is a tool that brings a novel approach to managing and interacting with screenshots. Harnessing advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, this app autonomously analyzes and extracts essential details from your images, such as information from receipts and important notes.

This results in a well-organized visual database that improves your search experience. With an intuitive search feature, you can effortlessly navigate through your screenshots, ensuring access to critical information.

Screenshot AI is not only focused on management but also aims to enhance the retrieval of visual data, thus making it a vital tool for your digital life.

Furthermore, to keep up with user demands, updates are carried out periodically, as seen with the addition of a new UI and a reminder service which creates reminders from detected notes in screenshots.


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Screenshot AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Extracts info from images
Simplifies search and organization
Advanced search capabilities
Digital organization
Analyzes receipts
Visual data management
Periodic updates and improvements
Intuitive user interface
Automatic reminder service
Creates reminders from notes
Improves search experience
Effortless navigation
Enhances visual data retrieval
Well-organized visual database
Transformation of image interaction
Autonomous analysis
Seamless retrieval of visual data
Smart image library management
Valuable information extraction
Transforms search experience
Unlocking full potential of visuals
Effortless screenshot navigation
Relevant information extraction
Easy retrieval of visual data
Automatic categorization
Streamline image management
Seamless and intuitive experience
No data shared with third parties
No data collected
Follows Play Families Policy
Automatic reminder creation
Notes section for reminders
Identifies important work from screenshots
Automatic screenshot folder detection
Fixes existing issues regularly
New delete button in note
User-friendly design


No multi-platform support
No manual data extraction
No physical documentation scanning
Requires constant updates
UI changes can confuse
No data export formats
Might overlook important details
No collaborative features
Only 10+ downloads


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How autonomous is Screenshot AI in its functioning?
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Where can I download Screenshot AI?
Is Screenshot AI suitable for boosting productivity?
What are some unique features of Screenshot AI?
What kind of AI technology does Screenshot AI use?

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