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Capture and record your screens effortlessly.
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ScreenStory is a Mac screen recorder tool designed to capture and record screens with user-friendly functionality. The primary application of this tool is in creating a wide range of video content, including product demos, tutorials, video reactions, presentations, prospecting videos, and employee onboarding materials.

The tool has the potential to transform mundane screen recordings into masterpieces, offering features to enhance video demos, promos, educational videos, and graphics interchange format (GIFs) creations.

It applies automatic enhancements to your videos, such as cursor animation, AutoZoom and AutoFollow clicks which saves users a significant amount of time.

Furthermore, ScreenStory offers options to alter cursor settings, choose from a variety of backgrounds, and record in different formats including GIF, mp4, 60 FPS, and 4K.

ScreenStory enables the recording of voiceover and supports selfie camera functionality, permitting an efficient switch between user, screen or a combination of both.

The tool is currently compatible only with MacOS and a Windows OS version is in development. It offers multiple pricing options to cater to different needs, from free trial to monthly and yearly plans.

ScreenStory commits to regularly updating the tool with new and exciting features, and has a roadmap for the development of additional functionality such as recording mobile apps.


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Jan 2, 2024
This one's a winner! Thank you for building this. Just used it for my product demo at

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Pros and Cons


User-friendly functionality
Wide range of video content creation
Auto cursor animations
Auto zoom and Auto follow clicks
Background selection
Multiformat recording options
Voiceover recording feature
Selfie camera functionality
Screen or user switch efficiency
Regular tool updates
Mobile Apps recording feature
Smooth cursor feature
AutoZoom & AutoFollow clicks saving time
Motion blur for fluid animations
Cursor settings alteration
Supports 4K, 60FPS, mp4, GIF
Savings on professional video editors
Fast video creation
Applicable for many use cases
Professional video output
Plans to suit needs
Trial version available
All features accessible in all plans
Secure on-device rendering
Scheduled for Windows compatibility
Simulator compatibility for mobile demos
Multi display compatibility


Compatible only with MacOS
Windows version under development
Limited free trial
Pricing plans needed for full access
Manual cursor settings alteration
No live streaming ability
Depends on external software for mobile recording
Renders payment details mandatory for trial
No video editing functionality
Doesn't support multiple languages


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