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Scribba is a tool that uses the power of AI to transcribe videos and add subtitles. It aims to save users time and money by providing transcription and subtitle services with up to 98% accuracy in just minutes.

With Scribba, users can convert audio or video files to text through AI transcription, human transcription, or translated transcriptions. Additionally, users can add captions to their videos using AI subtitles, human subtitles, or translated subtitles.

Scribba offers support for over 65 languages, making it versatile for a wide range of users. The tool boasts several features, including unlimited uploads, fast results in less than 50% of the audio length, multiple export formats like Srt, pdf, xlsx, txt, and word, sentence timestamps for easy navigation, and secure protection for transcripts.

Users are notified via email when their results are ready. Scribba offers a free plan, providing users with 30 minutes of AI transcription and subtitle services.

Additionally, there is a pay-as-you-go option with pricing starting at $0.15 per minute, offering quicker results, priority support, and volume discounts.

Scribba emphasizes its AI capabilities, achieving high accuracy in transcription results. However, it notes that poor audio quality may affect the accuracy of the transcription.

While Scribba strives to provide satisfactory results, it advises users to review the output in some cases. Payments are accepted via most debit and credit cards, primarily processed through Stripe.

Invoices are sent via email upon completion of payment.


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Pros and Cons


98% transcription accuracy
Multi-language support (65+)
Unlimited uploads
Fast results (less than 50% audio length)
Multiple export formats (Srt, pdf, xlsx, txt, Word)
Sentence timestamps
Secure transcript protection
Email notifications for results
Free plan available (30 minutes)
Pay-as-you-go option
Pricing starting from $0.15/minute
No credit card required for free plan
Priority support for paid plans
Volume discounts for bulk use
Payment accepted via debit/credit cards
Processed payments through Stripe
Invoices sent via email
Poor audio quality troubleshooting
User advice for reviewing results


Poor audio affects accuracy
Requires review in some cases
No refund policy
Time of transcription varies
Additional charges for faster results
Limited free plan
Pricing varies by country
Dependent on Stripe for payments
Notification only via email
Limited human transcription services


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